A British newspaper wades in on…Canada’s equalization system? - Macleans.ca

A British newspaper wades in on…Canada’s equalization system?

Federal-provincial relations make an appearance in the ever-expanding climate debate


Continuing the Guardian’s spate of spirited punditry on the subject of Ottawa’s rotten record in the run-up to the Copenhagen global warming summit, Colin Horgan, a Vancouver-based freelance writer, takes a stab at explaining Canadian regional politics to the paper’s leftish UK and international readership. Actually, Horgan doesn’t do a bad job. You have to admire a guy who tries to interest foreign readers in the equalization system. His conclusion: Stephen Harper can’t afford tough greenhouse gas emissions targets because he needs his MPs from Albertan oil country. “That doesn’t mean that a new Liberal government would shut down the oil sands oil extraction on their first day in office,” Horgan adds, “far from it.”

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A British newspaper wades in on…Canada’s equalization system?

  1. It's a typical left wing snivel, made more resounding by the input from Malick & Moonbat.

    • Yours is a typical right wing grumble: ideology without factual substance.
      Alberta pollutes. Harper ignores it. We know why.

      These are facts.

      • why don't they take the billions of dollars that alberta pays into equalization and use it to cut greenhouse gases …unfortunately at the same time we would have to cut back the money given to quebec

      • Ontario's auto industry pollutes too. I don't hear anyone complaining about giving them money or destroying cars to encourage more wasteful consumption.

  2. I imagine the ultimate nightmare for Harper and his supporters would be a Copenhagen agreement which imposes real restrictions and which also permits countries to levy compensatory tariffs on the goods of those countries which are non compliant with the carbon emission reduction targets. There has been some discussion of this approach in the European media and approving noises from the French and German governments for the concept. I suspect that Harpers' hurried about face re going to Copenhagen may be a desperate effort to head off Carbon reduction targets that he would have to implement whether he wanted to or not. In the end such an approach would take the spotlight off of him since he could reasonably say to his alberta base that the problem was not the government of Canada or the other provinces but the international community.

    • Yeh nice having a foreign government force their laws and life style on us eh! You leftards just love that social stuff!

      • If foreign governments have moral objections to dealing with the dirtiest people on earth, are we going to force them to buy the products of the filth? I am a European citizen and my government would be quite correct to penalize Canada for the damage it does to all of us. If you want to poison yourself that is fine. Do not expect me to acquiesce to your poisonning me and mine. How would you feel if everyday of the week my dog relieved himself on your front lawn? Why should I put up with Canada doing the same on my front lawn. A pig is a pig and if we choose to penalize Canada for its filthy habits there is nothing you can do about it except possibly clean up your act.

        • One world Government on it's way? eurotrash are socialists..

  3. The Guardian is a left wing joke!!! This is the rag that recently printed a list of Nobel peace Prize winners and intentionally left out the names of all Israeli's who won the prize. The paper is anti-Israeli to the core, anti-American, and a friend of thugs. Yet, it's a favorite read of British teachers and labor leaders.

  4. you're right about that ..also one thing overlooked is that the livestock industry creates the most greenhouse gases, far outstripping the oil sands …when are they going to crack down on eastern canadian farms?