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A deal is done, sort of

Three parties reach an agreement on Afghan detainee documents, but the NDP protests


Negotiations on the release of Afghan detainee documents have finally concluded with a deal, but with only the agreement of three parties. The NDP, unhappy with certain facets of the proposed agreement, walked out of negotiations this morning. The Conservatives, Liberals and Bloc Quebecois are apparently prepared to move forward their arrangement.

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A deal is done, sort of

  1. Maybe it wasn't the Conservatives who were holding things up after all.

  2. Look up grandstanding, and Laytons photo is there.He also wanted to take the heat off of a certain moron, I mean member called Libby.

  3. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Jack.

  4. How stupid there Jack, now you've left yourself out of the loop. I don't think the NDP were interesting in anything on this issue but to use it to trash Cons and Libs. The BLOC, even though we hate what they stand for as separatists, are not stupid. In fact, they are smart.

    They were okay with and we all know they'd love to trash Cons and Libs.

  5. Its breathtaking that Layton would take this position and leave his party out of being able to see or discuss anything that is seen in the vetting of the documents. Its like saying you don't support the budget before you even read it.
    Layton really needs to reconsider but I suspect it is too late. Something is better than nothing. Jack may think he has his principals in tack but he is on the outside looking in.