A double shot of At Issue

May 27 May 29
May 27 May 29


A double shot of At Issue

  1. I just heard something awhile back about maybe Harper will bring soemone out of the Senate like Hugh Segull – I was not aware of this ability of a PM to designate someone who is not an MP to a cabinet post = is this for real are there past examples. If I had some more time I would dig into this on my own but if anyone out there knows about this I certainly would appreciate a point in the right direction?

  2. Absolutely legal. That’s how he got Michael Fortier into his Cabinet. Precedents include Joe Clark and Trudeau, who also appointed people to the senate to become part of cabinet.

    Fortier, who ran for the leadership of the conservative party in 1998 (coming in last with 4% of the vote), also ran in the 2000 federal election in the Laval Quebec riding. He came in 4th behind the Bloc, Liberal, and Alliance Candidate.

    In the 2006 Election, Fortier didn’t run, saying “I didn’t want to run in the election. I had a great career, five young kids, and so it wasn’t the right situation for me to run when the election came around. That’s just the simple truth.”

    Fortunately for him, being appointed as an unelected (one might even say electorally rejected) senator only requires that you be a co-chair of Stephen Harper’s Leadership Campaign, and living in Montreal which solidly rejected all conservative candidates.

  3. Wayne, the appointing of MPs to Cabinet is just a convention of ours but it isn’t required. I’m not sure when it developed in the Westminister system or if it ever was not this way. It does seem to me, in the wake of all the media attention given to Harper’s lack of cabinet-ready MPs, that we might want to revisit this convention. Add in all the attention given to regional/ethnic/gender makeup, and the PM’s pool of potential ministers gets quite small. Perhaps he’d be better off finding someone from the private sector or academia or wherever to serve as foreign minster. I’m sure he’d be pilloried for this because it’s unusual, but I don’t see a problem with it.

  4. Yes, appoint some Senators to cabinet. I’m thinkin’ Spezza or Heatley to put a little size on the first line.

  5. Man, you can really get a broad spectrum of opinion from all Canadians by having correspondents in Toronto, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Kinda covers the land from sea to sea, don’t it.

  6. Not only from sea to shining sea but also from
    conservative to more conservative to whatever
    the hell Coyne is …… ? Hayek holdover?

  7. I would like to now who at cbc made the disssision to change the
    writing at the bottom of the TV and replace it with smaller letter and
    faster from left to wright do they think the people that watch. the
    cbc.nw are younge people with 20/20 vision ane speed reader
    thank god we have CTV with bigger letter and slower writng
    for sinior

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