A-G slams lack of transparency in G8 legacy spending

‘Rules were broken’


“Rules were broken” when the federal government went on a spending spree in Conservative minister Tony Clement’s riding ahead of the 2010 G8 summit in Muskoka, the federal auditor-general told reporters after a hearing before a Commons committee on Wednesday. The spending wasn’t properly documented, nor were explanations given to the Parliamentarians charged with overseeing government expenditures, said interim Auditor-General John Wiersema. The $50 million in spending on projects ranging from a gazebo to new public washrooms was completed without a paper trail, and no government documents exist to justify the 32 projects undertaken in Clement’s Parry Sound-Muskoka riding. “It’s not right,” Wiersema added.

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A-G slams lack of transparency in G8 legacy spending

  1. Majority sucker.

  2. So then why did you let him off the hook?

  3. haha. damn fiberals-democraps

    • Hey why not provide us with your address if you believe that being stolen from is such a treat?

  4. It is time all summit conferences are done online.  That way there are no security concerns, and everybody can stay safely at home.  Costs should be one hundred times less.

  5. Well, you see, the Liberals did it first, so there’s nothing wrong with this whatsoever.


  6. Tony you thief, we want our money back.

  7. Harper is not a true conservative – he is a devious , dishonest , warmongering crook !
    I hope our country can survive his corrupt leadership over the next 4 years !

  8. Didn’t that pop up on Canwest Global happy weekend?
    Harper gets a long week-end by…again.

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