A grenade attack in Thailand injures five, including the perpetrator


A man believed to be Iranian threw hand grenades at Thai police after fleeing from an explosion in a house in Bangkok on Tuesday. The assault left five people injured, including the perpetrator. The explosions happened one day after bomb attacks targeted Israeli diplomatic targets in India and Georgia, which Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, blamed squarely on Iran.

According to the New York Times, an explosion tore the roof of a house in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit neighbourhood sending its three occupants into the street. While two of them were able to flee the scene, one of the men tried to hail a cab and threw an explosive device onto the taxi when it didn’t stop. Police were chasing the man when he tried and failed to toss another hand grenade, which blew up his own legs. A search of the man’s belongings revealed Iranian documents and currency, and more explosives were found inside the house the man was staying in Bangkok, according to Thai police.

In January, a Lebanese-Swedish man with alleged links to Hezbollah was arrested in Bangkok for storing thousands of kilos of fertilizer and liquid ammonium nitrate. The man later said he had been set up by the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence service

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A grenade attack in Thailand injures five, including the perpetrator

  1. This is why there are no Iranians playing pro baseball.

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