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Still not sure why, so I guess freedom-hating terrorists get the blame, but several years ago there was a surge of Wolf-related bands: WolfmotherPeanut Butter Wolf, AIDS Wolf, We Are Wolves, Wolf Parade. Stranger still: Two of the better ones came from Montreal. Wolf Parade, a personal fave, came, went and came back again, and I’m told they are on a wee hiatus right now. This is at least part of the reason why. Dan Boeckner, singer-guitarist with Wolf Parade, just put out his second album with the missus. The Handsome Furs, who grace the cover of the Montreal Mirror this week, are an artfully sleazy husband-and-wife duo who make lovely, lo-fi, synth-thick music together. “Right now, with things being as fucked up economically as they are, I think it’s really important to make cheap music,” says HF singer-guitarist Dan Boeckner. A true band for the times. They are playing at Il Motore this Friday. 

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A handsome plug

  1. I don’t know if “hiatus” is the right word to describe Wolf Parade…they’re recording their new album in October, so it’s not as if no one knows when they’re coming back. “Taking a break while all the members do their own things for a few months” is probably a better description…Spencer has two Sunset Rubdown albums coming up (including, apparently, according to Arlen Thompson, an EP of marimba-based songs), Dante is shopping around the second Johnny and the Moon album, Hadji will be released an album with Megasoid soon, and Arlen is producing all of them, if I’m not mistaken.

    But I’ll just second your Furs plug…Face Control is one of my favourite albums of the year so far, and definitely the one album I’ll be putting on my Polaris ballot without even having to think about it! I’m not sure I can say the same thing about At Mount Zoomer, either…

  2. Dan Boeckner is probably the most talented male musician we have right now. No one comes close to Feist, but for the dudes, he gets my vote. Congrats Martin for this post.

  3. Martin,

    Did you notice that W. Kinsella is slightly put off by an email you sent him a month or so ago? I thought it was just the usual Deux Maudits Anglais tomfoolery, however it doesn’t seem like he got the joke.

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