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A happy homecoming for Conrad Black

At home in Toronto, the former media mogul was all smiles and kisses


After being released from prison in Florida on Friday morning, Conrad Black returned to Canada, and went straight to his home in Toronto.

Black, who had relinquished his Canadian citizenship in 2001 to accept a title from the British House of Lords, has been granted a one-year temporary resident permit allowing him to return to Canada.

The former media mogul let himself be photographed and filmed with his wife, Maclean’s columnist Barbara Amiel, walking around the property in their home at Toronto’s Bridle Path neighbourhood on Friday afternoon.

(Nathan Denette/CP images)


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A happy homecoming for Conrad Black

  1. Nowthat Stevie Harper and his self righteous sidekick Jason Kenney know that a british convicted felon has now slipped into Canada, will they take the necessary steps to have this criminal removed from our country as soon as possible? Inquiring voters want to know.

    • Why even let him in in the first place?

  2. Good For Conrad….WELCOME HOME……….we give second chances to people with not even a fraction of his potential good for others…leave this man alone

  3. Mr. Black has served his time, and without whining. He is an impressive Canadian. I say, welcome back, Mr Black, and be good now. No more talking smack about Canada.

    • He’s not a Canadian. He made a point of loudly denouncing the country and then renouncing its citizenship…it’s nothing more than a flag of convenience for him.

      • I”m sure he’s been eating crow for some time now, and who knows what a humbler Conrad Black may contribute? I remember the ruckus and I didn’t like what he did, but as I said, he’s served his time and this is his home. Prodigal son, neuroticdog, an archetypal story.

        • A “humbler Conrad Black”? Where’s the evidence of humility?

          The prodigal son, in the archetypal story, repents, expresses remorse, and seeks forgiveness. Black has never even admitted guilt and, judging from his public demeanor, has too much hubris to recant any of the disparaging comments he made about “his” country before he decamped for Britain.

          • The story of the prodigal son, by and large, is only about the son in the sense that he is the one who returns after being away. He does so after squandering everything that was given to him, yet his father celebrates his return, welcoming him home with open arms and forgiving all that has transpired without a second thought. This, to the chagrin of the returned son’s brother, who never left and served his father dutifully.
            From the New International Version of the Bible, the father replies, “My son, you are always with me, and everything I have is yours. But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”
            This isn’t to say that you or I are required to welcome Mr. Black home unconditionally. These parables were intended to provoke discussion, not present pat lessons in how to be ‘good’.

  4. This man is a British convicted felon!! He doesn’t even like our country…he chose to give up his citizenship. Just watch under Stephen Harper’s watch he will become a Canadian Citizen. He has received special treatment because he is wealthy! He should be stripped of his Order of Canada to maintain the integrity of the order and deport the Lord back to Briton.

  5. How does his presence in Canada pose a threat to anyone? He is a senior citizen who wants to live a peaceful retirement with his family, and all we can think to do is wail about how he renounced his citizenship a decade ago. No one was relying on him remaining a Canadian yet contributors here are behvaing like he left them at the alter. Grow up, and accept the fact that he has done his time, and entitled to make personal decisions about his future.

    • Identical and equally compelling arguments could be made for other Canadians who are, apparently, waiting in vain for this government to allow them to come home. And, unlike this well-connected scoundrel, they hadn’t loudly renounced their citizenship before they left.

    • The same can be said of the billions of non-Canadians in the world, the difference being most of them aren’t convicted criminals.

  6. Conrad’s crimes primarily consist of being smarter than the average person, and of being well aware of this fact. The last time I looked having an outsized ego wasn’t illegal, and he’s paid heavily for “crimes” many white collar folks have never even been tried for, so it’s time to leave him alone to live out his life in peace.

    • That’s an insule to everyone of above average intelligence who has conducted their business WITHOUT having so few scruples they feel into crime, thank you very much.

      • Actually he didn’t “feel (fall) into crime” — if you’re familiar with the circumstances some envious colleagues forced him out of Hollinger and then proceeded to bankrupt the company charging fees to “manage” it. Meanwhile monies Conrad paid himself for increasing the value of the company (which he had) were declared illegal.

        • Tell it to the judge Mr. Black.

          Oh wait, you already had the chance. That’s why you spent a year in jail.

  7. this guy is a crook. but everyone knows it. he has very little time left on this earth. do you really think he’ll strike again? Just let him run the clock out in his naitive land.

  8. Good to see.

    What is less good to see is the virulent jealousy and resentment from so many at another man’s happy homecoming after serving his sentence.

    • I expect you’ll step up in the same fashion for Omar Khadr?

      • Actually I would, after he has served his time.

        Nonetheless, murder and treason are considerably more serious than Black’s convictions. So I expect you will be that much more lenient on Black.

        • Hmm, one without money or power, a child when he committed his crimes, who vows that he’s changed, the other a grown man with money and power to burn, who makes no promise that he’s changed his ways because he’s never acknowledged any wrongdoing on his part.

          • Tell that to Tabitha Speer.
            When Khadr has done his time, I’ll be happy to see him having a happy homecoming. In the meantime it is disgusting to see so many here shaking with malice and hatred at another man’s happiness after serving his sentence.

          • Refresh my memory, please? How old was Omar Khadr when he found himself in Afghanistan, and how exactly did he get there in the first place? And, how old was Christopher Speer when he went to Afghanistan, and how was it that he came to find himself there? Oh, and did Tabitha Speer know about the risky work he did before she married him? Because I’m just not sure I could tell her anything she doesn’t already know.

            As for Conrad Black, I’m mostly indifferent to him, but it’s easier for me than it is for others, I suppose. To my knowledge, he’s never stolen any of my money or otherwise damaged my life with his overly-entitled attitudes and robber baron-like ways. And I’m sad for the heartache you’re feeling over the shabby treatment this hero of yours is receiving.

          • ” Because I’m just not sure I could tell her anything she doesn’t already know.”

            That is probably the only truth in your comment.

            You are unworthy to enjoy the freedom others defend for you, sometimes at the cost of their lives, since you apparently hold their lives in contempt.

          • Whatever you say, Dad. I swear sometimes you grownups go out of your way to try not to understand.

  9. Now we’ll have to ignore two writers — Amiel and Black? WHY is she still a columnist? Please, make them go away.