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A Harper Thanksgiving


The blue sweater is out and the burgundy one is in as Stephen Harper meets Phyllis Boyling at the Eau Claire retirement residence on Thanksgiving weekend in this official PMO photo by Deb Ransom.

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A Harper Thanksgiving

  1. Note to Michael Ignatieff…you might want to check your closet, and change the locks at Stornoway.

  2. That's sailing awfully close to Liberal red.

    • Red is a Conservative colour this year, <TEXT="FF0000">(56,000,000,000)</TEXT="FF0000">

    • Red is a Conservative colour this year, <TEXT Color="red">(56,000,000,000)</TEXT Color="red">

  3. Note to Harper: It's flu season, turkey. Children (like yours that go to elementary schools) and seniors are the most vulnerable.

    • Harper as "typhoid mary"…..thats a good way to go…..

  4. Do you think Maclean's might just get rid of its paid photographers and, as in the current issue, just turn it over to the PMO?

  5. I love old people, hope to be one someday.

  6. First Stevie boy starts off kissin babies -> now moving onto little ol ladies hands – it's part of the machiavellian plot inside his hidden agenda .. next stop WORLD DOMINATION!

  7. He's too afraid to face the poor – at food banks etc.

    Macleans, you are really overdoing the support Harper stuff. Try to be less obvious – using PM photographers, over coverage of piano playing and now this.

    • None of this would be happening if the PMO cameras weren't set up and ready to go. Maclean's can't seem to make that distinction.

    • Yes, the Canadian media should only publish unflattering, paparazzi-style photos of the Prime Minister. If they publish anything else, they're just Harper shills. I love the partisan logic here. The media should focus only on the negatives and ignore the positives.

    • Yes, the Canadian media should only publish unflattering, paparazzi-style photos of the Prime Minister. If they publish anything else, they're just Harper shills.

      I love the partisan logic here. The media should focus only on the negatives and should ignore the positives. After all, everything Harper does that could be viewed in a positive light is just a photo-op, right?

      • I don't know CR, did you see last week's issue? It was a bit much.

        Maybe the criticisms are just rooted in partisan hatred of Harper, but I think Canadians get a bit uncomfortable with our PMs being lionized. It gets a bit Presidential in nature, if we aren't careful.

        • You obviously missed the print edition, Critical Reasoning. Check it out. You might even be critical, in a reasonable sort of way.

          • CR – If many of Harper's opponents are now cynical we have reason. We can't now be expected to think everything is all hunky-dory merely because the PMO's on a PR media blitz.

          • Guys – you're right… I did miss the print edition. I'm visiting family and friends in Montreal at the moment. I'll check it out when I have a chance… judging by your reactions, it must be quite the PMO photo shoot!

          • It was great!! it was his moment…loved it and loved tjis picture too!!

  8. By the way, by the look of these seniors, they are not struggling or having a hard time.

    • That's because the Tories are in power.

      If Michael Ignatieff were Prime Minister they'd all be dead.

      • Geez, stay classy there guy. Rather a sick comment.

  9. About time someone took action! For thirteen years the Liberals made sure Phyllis Boyling's hand went unkissed. Shame!

  10. What no pics of him reading Baudelaire set to piano for the seniors?

    He's like Bill Murray now and some day soon he wakes up on the day AFTER Election Day with a majority in his arms.

    La fille qui j'aimera
    Sera comme bon vin
    Qui se bonifiera
    Un peut chaque matin.

  11. Harper

    Kissing the hand of a senior – how patronizing!
    Shaking the hand of his own child – very weird.

    I know a lot of seniors who don't want to shake Harper's hand – if he gets near any of them he's liable to get punched. That woudl shock a little sense into him.

  12. I've got something Harper can kiss…

    • Foriegner: put a lid on your ignorant statements, and if by your call name you are a foriegner please feel free to go back to your country of origin and don't let the door hit you in the a….* on the way out.

  13. I think it is wonderful! Thats my Grandma in the photo and he made her day, week and year. Please just take it as a NICE thing to do for people who may not be here tomorrow.

    • It is a nice picture, good to know that it made your grandma happy…

    • The look on her face says it all. Great photo. I'm very happy for your Grandma.

  14. Yes, I'm with you Kelly, it is wonderful and I am sure it will be a treasure for her.
    Ignore all of the petty comments and take them for what they are,silly and childish partisan quips.
    They forget that there are human beings and real emotions involved in these moments.

  15. My my what a bunch of grumpy Liberal commenters we have here. It is a nice picture. GET OVER YOURSELVES.

  16. I can't help getting the impression that Harper is really enjoying himself lately. Either he figures he's not going to be PM much longer and wants to enjoy it while he can, or he's finally settled in to the job rather than viewing it as a temporary political beachhead.

    But whatever the case, he is making it harder and harder for the Liberals to play the "scary guy" theme ever again.

  17. Mr. Harper, you sir are a gentlemen, and a Prime Minister.