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A new leader for North Korea?

Kim Jong-Il’s youngest son appointed general


Kim Jong-Il’s son Kim Jong-un was appointed a four-star general at North Korea’s biggest political gathering in three decades. A TV broadcast from the country also noted that Kim Jong-il had been reappointed as general secretary of the Workers Party, which can be read as an “expression of [the] absolute support and trust” the people had in him. Dr Kongdan Oh of the Brookings Institute said, “He will be the crown prince. That’s it. There is no doubt.” But she added: “The father provides a halo effect – the question is what happens when Kim Jong-il dies. That will be an interesting time.” Other analysts, however, are still uncertain whether the younger Kim will actually lead the country after his father’s death, and if so how independent he would be.

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A new leader for North Korea?

  1. That's no "new leader."

    While the people of North Korea are borderline destitute thanks to the despot Kim Jong-Il, he is now anointing his son to follow him!?! Have you not read about the amount of money (that) the former has hidden in bank havens in Europe and enjoyed luxurious homes while his people are almost starving? What is this? A royalty?

    Everything you see in the media regarding North Korea is a show… to promote Kim Jong-Il delusions of grandeur.

    • But he sure wears cool womens Sunglasses though……