A new opposition?

Rumoured Tory defections to the Wildrose would change the landscape of Alberta politics


The Edmonton Journal‘s Trish Audette today relays a tidbit of gossip from the frequently reliable Alberta Scan, a newsletter issued by veteran Alberta political observer Paul McLoughlin. This morsel echoes what a lot of us have been hearing for weeks—that a good many Alberta Tories are so upset about Premier Ed Stelmach’s stewardship that they’re willing to cross the floor to join the Wildrose Alliance. All that they’re waiting for is the Oct. 17 conclusion of a leadership race. Should candidate Danielle Smith beat far-right social conservative Mark Dyrholm and capture the leadership, as many as 10 Tories may join the upstart conservative party, catapulting the Wildrose into position as the province’s new opposition.

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A new opposition?

  1. How do you bring change to Alberta politics? Create a new party, then have all the current ruling class jump on the bandwagon.

  2. As I said on Trish's blog, this will never happen. Politicians just don't abandon the governing party, especially en masse. Sitting in opposition is just too much of a downgrade in terms of pay and lifestyle.

    The far more likely scenario is these disgruntled MLAs wait until the PC leadership review in November and try to ensure Ed gets a terrible score. That will force a new leadership contest and someone much better suited to leading the province will hopefully emerge. That'll leave the Wildrose Alliance as a rump with one fluke MLA and no momentum going into the 2012 election.

    • I've no idea how likely this is, but I hope it happens as it'll hopefully breathe some life back into provincial politics and bring up voter turnout.

      • Yes. Your choices will be Conservative Party No. 1, or Conservative Party No. 2.

        • Last election, it was predicted that the PC party would lose seats due to falling support. However, voter turnout ended up being way down and so Stelmach actually picked up a good number of seats since turnout was primarily lower among Liberal and NDP supporters.

          A second conservative party will do two things:
          1. Increase turnout by generating more discussion and debate on the right
          2. Split the vote on the right meaning that voters on the left have more incentive to get involved, since the people they vote for will have a greater chance of getting elected.

          I'm personally not at all enthusiastic about the Wildrose Alliance's politics, but anything that'll break the one-party hold on government here is fine with me.

        • Which is how we like it out here.

    • New parties arise to government all the time. Saskatchewan Party, The Liberal Party in BC grew out of the collapse of the Socreds, the PC Party in Alberta grew out of the collapse of the Socreds. It has more to do with a tipping point – at what point does the momentum leave the PC -Alberta and put into place the Wildrose Alliance? There is no telling what an energetic, young leader can do against a tired, bored, intellectually bankrupt party…it is what Peter Lougheed did to the long ruling Socreds…

  3. Come to BC! We need a new party too!

  4. A new dynasty?! Alberta politics is usually so bland. Might make for an interesting election in… is it 2012?

  5. Lauren, BC has the BC Conservatives…they hardly get any press but since most people think the BC Liberals suck and don't want to vote NDP maybe it's an option….however the worry is that if it splits the vote we would get stuck with the NDP

  6. I thought Alberta Conservatives were conservative enough. Now these guys! Scary.

  7. No one would abandon a position in government for opposition…You would never get elected again.

  8. PENSION cuts, and wage cuts for POLITisions is a good first START
    Getting rid of the HONARABLE title HAS my vote

  9. If YOU get IN and THEY get OUT ?…… THAT'S 2 pensions for 2 pee-ons
    HOW about ? IF. you DON'T ..DO..AS you say !! YOU RETURN ALL INCOME……the trough is SOOOOOOOO tasteeeeeeee

  10. I was raised that a LEADER led …. TODAY! a leader …POINTS, to the
    nearest …ATM

  11. I'll vote for anyone who will jail those who abuse capital letters

    • AGReeD!!!!!!……ToTaLLy!!

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