New year ... new hope for an NHL season -

New year … new hope for an NHL season

Aaron Hutchins on (non)developments in NHL negotiations



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January 1, 2013 was supposed to be one of the biggest nights for NHL hockey. Detroit was scheduled to host the outdoor Winter Classic inside Michigan Stadium with the Red Wings facing off against the Toronto Maple Leafs.
"100,000 to watch Leafs/Red Wings at the Big House. This is crazy" is what I would have tweeted right now were it not for the lockout. #nhlSid Seixeiro
Instead, the hockey world was focused on New York City where negotiations continued to see if the NHL and the NHLPA could finally work out an agreement to save the 2013 season.
They’re going to drop the ball in Times Square tonight. A few blocks away hockey’s brain trust try to avoid dropping the ball. #cba #nhlSid Seixeiro
Stupidest move in negotiation history! Scheduling meeting in NYC on New Years eve. Scene outside #NHL office 6th ave Kypreos
Talks between the two sides were pushed back and delayed all day…
The #nhl has requested to meet with the pa at 9pm.David Alter
#NHL talks have been delayed. Now expected to start at 9pm. Bettman and Fehr still hungover?Jamie
So the #NHL meeting AND the GOP vote will both take place at 9pm? It’s the 3rd sign of the Apocalypse!Sean
Well hey, first it was 5:00, than 7:00, and now 9:00. Taking bets on 11:00, anyone? #NHL #NHLPABryan Winters
…until finally they got together around 9pm EST.
The #nhlpa staff has arrived at the #nhl office, let the games begin. Alter
The NHL put a counter-offer on the table. 2 possibilities tonight. NHLPA meet internally after to revise it. Or they negotiate for few hoursRenaud Lavoie
Pension should never be make or break in NHL talks. Real people need pensions, and many don’t get them. Millionaires just need to invest.Gareth Wheeler
The union arrived about 15 minutes ago. Meeting is underway. #NHL #NHLPABruce Garrioch
It would be a nice gesture if the NHL handed the media some Winter Classic sweaters or jackets to stay warm out here.Ian Mendes
When the meeting ended, there was still no final agreement, but there was still reason for optimism.
Fehr says meeting over, will take tonight and tomorrow to look over NHL responseSteve Zipay
Fehr; "They did make a comprehensive response to what we gave them yesterday."Pierre LeBrun
So, it appears no rejections were made, just offers and counter-offers, now just down to numbers. #NHLLockout.Steven Liberman
The endless negotiations, however, left many hockey fans so frustrated that they just want to see a deal done.
back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth THIS IS NEVER ENDING I’M GOING TO GO RIP MY HAIR OUT BYE #nhl #nhlpaGabrielle Kiger
5 stages of NHL lockout grief #dabears
And now #nhlpa needs to go through documents to counter the counter that was counteted from a previous counters counter you got thatDonnelly
NHL made an offer; NHLPA will go home and study it; rinse and repeat.Bruce Arthur
#NHL #NHLPA #NHLlockout How many more times do we fans have to hear "Review proposal" "counter proposal" or "we are close"???? #failMitch Bosse
In the meantime, fans will have to wait until tomorrow.

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