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A Quebec speeder may be Canada’s worst driver

He is clocked doing 240 km per hour on a Montreal expressway


The provincial police in Quebec pulled over a man driving 240 kilometers an hour in a BMW SUV on a Montreal expressway early Friday morning. The driver, a 20-year-old man, had his license suspended and received a $2,598 ticket and 42 demerit points, a police spokesperson told the CBC. He was driving more than triple the 70 km per hour speed limit, making it one of the worst speeding cases in Canadian history.

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A Quebec speeder may be Canada’s worst driver

    • I wonder whether the hotel will be liable to pay the owner for its employee's abuse on a guest's property.

  1. "…One of the worst speeding cases in Canadian History"…who's been caught that is!

    • Very much so! Excellent observation.

      Yours truly used to do the Quebec Montreal corridor, on highway 20, in his young days (25 years ago) on a GS Suzuki 1000 at speeds that we will not divulge but would probably cost a $10,000 fine in Ontario today. And I was not the fastest one and that was 25 years ago.

      • We used to dothe Free-way from Abbotsford to Hope B.C…… and lived to tell the story too…( just don't tell the kids )

        • In my case, do not tell the grand kids.


          • Me too…Cheers…

  2. Let me guess… was it on Autoroute 15 (Decarie) ???

    What 'EXPRESS WAY' has a speed limit of 70km/hr?

    • It was the Ville-Marie Expressway.

    • read the articles you moron

  3. Deerfoot Trail in Calgary started with a speed limit of 100km/hr; then dropped to 90km/hr; then toyed with 80km/hr. It really depends on the roadway. Calgary freeways tend to have pretty high speed limits.

  4. Seems to me anyone who can handle a vehicle @ 240 km/hr is a good driver, a bad driver would never get to that speed.

    • Disagree…A ''good'' driver would never risk his own Saftey and well being or that of the publics by doing 240 km/hr on a public roadway…….

  5. Duh. Any moron can get to 240 km/hr if the vehicle has the capability. Driving ability has nothing to do with it. And given the perp's age of 20, I'm betting it was mommy's or daddy's SUV and this little spoiled puke doesn't have a clue what can happen at 240 km/hr let alone how to hnadle a vehicle at that speed.

    • wrong ,you have obviously never watched canada's worst driver ,where one woman couldn't get to 70 km/hr.

  6. ….hold on, I got a licence to fly…

  7. A Nova Scotian qualifies as the worst driver. My husband's friend told him his friend was clocked at 279K on a highway in NS last fall. He was riding a bike. He lost his license for a year, charged $10K, and his bike was permanently confiscated. The friend knows as has behind him riding at 240K, but didn't get caught. Dumb.

  8. This boy is a very good driver. I will hiring him to the F1 race.

    • This guy might be o.k. on a straight flat freeway, bet he is no good on the corners…..

  9. f1 cars go much faster than 240km/hr

  10. I don't think it's fair to stereotype drivers on Quebec's autoroutes, because not all Quebeckers "drive like a foot." Yes, we have drivers who seem to think that the Navigator Route is one of Germany's Autobahns, with no speed limit whatsoever, but we also have drivers who are watchful for the occasional coyote or moose that may appear by the side of the road. As well, Quebec has lots of open spaces. Once you are a hundred miles or more north of the St. Lawrence, you might easily be tempted to rev up the rpms and place a brick on the gas pedal. However, most Canadian drivers have the good sense to stop at red lights and obey traffic signs.

    Si vous avez besoin de repose, faites une pause, s'il vous plait. If you need a rest, please take a break.

    • Tony, we drive to Quebec once a year and have noticed that people speed less than years ago. When I lived there eons ago I was a very fast driver as was my DH. Now we keep it to 10+ kms above the limit.

  11. Thanks for the memories.

    The year 1968, the auto, 1965 BMW 3200 CS V8, the place, North German Autobahn @ 220 kms/hr.

    Just total pleasure as a 19 year old soldier.

    • We've driven on the Autobahn many times over the last several years. Have also seen some terrible accidents in the middle of the night on the way to Frankfurt airport. BTW, there are many areas on the Autobahn that have speed limits. France has greatly reduced their speed limits in the last 5-10 years

      Rick you sound like a bro of mine who was stationed in Lahr back then.

  12. French Egotism?
    240km/hr, that's faster than a Cessna 152 airplane.

  13. A number of commenters here seem to think going 240km/h qualifies this guy as the worst driver in Canada. However, Formula One and Indy Car drivers routinely go this speed or more and are considered some of the best. To see some really bad driving check out crazydrivingvideos.com.