“A really disrespectful act”

Vandals damage Fredericton’s Cenotaph on the eve of Remembrance Day


Every Nov. 11, veterans and citizens gather at Fredericton’s Cenotaph to honour those who died serving their country. This year, that service will be marred by the damage done on the weekend by vandals who toppled over the memorial’s two-metre cross, breaking it into pieces. “We’ve had some minor acts of vandalism in the past, but this is a major one in my mind. It’s serious damage,” said Harold Boone, the New Brunswick capital’s co-ordinator of projects. “The cost of repair doesn’t concern us as much as the timing and seriousness of it. It’s a really disrespectful act. It’s awful, especially right around Remembrance Day.”

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“A really disrespectful act”

  1. It's hard to fathom that this kind of idiotic vandalism exists. What do you do with people this sick?
    This is the kind of thing that boils the blood and gives teeth to heavy law and order ideology; but is the act criminal in nature? How do you punish stupidity?
    If caught, may I suggest , being put in stocks in a public square, where veterans, their kin and anyone else who cares to, can explain to them just how unacceptable, useless, disrespectful and hurtful their behaviour has been.
    My great uncle was probably not much older than these fools when he was killed defending the freedoms they enjoy today. What the hell is wrong with people?

    • I agree, there should be a separate law to deal with this kind of heinousness. "Vandalism" doesn't exactly describe it, it's public sacrilege. The culprits should be horsewhipped.

      BTW is that your great uncle in your avatar photo?

      • Indeed it is; gone but not forgotten

      • For those who are interested, my great uncle's story is here

        • Great story – very courageous.

      • It's the kind of act that could make authority figures think again on its stance against vigilantes.

  2. There used to be a punisment in the ol days called tarred and feathered – somehow seems appropro

  3. I suppose if they are caught, it will be the same slap on the wrist, and very little else.They know they wont gtet punished, by the law or by their parents. I would make them pay, any damage at all, they pay for it.If they have to get two jobs and it takes 2 years, I wouldn't care – they did the damage, they pay.
    Danby, I am sorry this type of thing 'keep' happening

  4. You have to wonder what kind of mind get their jollies like this.

    You see soldiers who've served and died so young -19, 20…..and idiots like these think it's a joke.

    Punishment – mandatory that those who destroy these have to join up and fight and find out what the real world is like.

    It makes me so angry.

  5. These jerks need a lesson in WHY these monuments are there and why the stupid kids they are have the freedom they have.

    This kind of thing is so disrespectful to our vets, it brings tears to my eyes.

    There needs to be a law for damaging these monuments.

  6. Maybe they objected to the uncomfortable connection being made between Christianity and warmongering. I'd probably bust that statue too if I lived in that part of the country. I might just go have a piss on the tomb of the unknown soldier tonight to make myself feel better.

    • Well mike…buddy….I have run into some real idiot slimeballs in my time…but I think you take the cake….Ha Ha..LOL!!!!!

      • Your mom seemed to like me well enough.

    • While I will defend your right to make these juvenile and foolish comments, you sir, are an ass. Whatever the circumstances, I'm sure your Mother raised you better than this. Take a good long look in the mirror and you'll see what surely must be a disappointment to everyone, including yourself.

    • Mike, hopefully you were just trying to get someones goat with your ridiculous comments however just the fact that you made them makes you not only an uninformed fool but completely unworthy of this country's citizenship. Only in Canada and even then only anonymously could you get away with such statements. I imagine there are many who would love to meet you and have a discussion about your opinions, jackass.

  7. I'm well into late middle age. Fortunately my memory is still largely intact.

    And I well remember any number of mindless and stupid acts that I performed
    during my confused and angry teenage years. If you were to ask me why, I'd have
    no explanation other than confusion and anger.

    Given the time and place where this happened I'd be prepared to bet a nickle that
    at least one of the perpetrators will wind up in the armed forces.

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