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A regal day off, kind of

After a meeting with Michael Ignatieff, the Queen and Philip get to relax


With the first half of the nine-day tour over, the royal couple are taking Friday off. Well, almost. The Queen has a short meeting with the leader of the official Opposition, Michael Ignatieff, and then has to spend time going through her “boxes,” those leather cases stuffed with official government documents that she diligently plows through every day. Still, after the huge crowds that greeted them on Parliament Hill and throughout downtown Ottawa for Canada Day, getting a break, however short, from always being “on” public display must be refreshing.

The second half of the trip promises to be even busier than the first. There is a jam-packed trip to Winnipeg, a Sunday spent at church and the races—organizers moved the Queen’s Plate just for Her Majesty—then a short flight to Waterloo and finally an official dinner with the PM and other dignitaries and a huge farewell celebration at the Ontario legislature.


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A regal day off, kind of

  1. Maybe Ignatieff will real one of his books to her so she can nod off as he drones on and tells her of his experiences in jolly old England.

    • I presume she has read the books, and wants to pick up a discussion from their last meeting.

  2. I love the Queens sense of humour as well. The groundhog joke with the Igster is perfect I wonder if she appreciated the irony of using groundhog and Iggy .. it works on so many levels!

  3. It must be a little disturbing to the talking point specialists, that a Queen they (correctly) profess to be wise and astute asks to speak with the "visiting Count".

    I wonder how many times the Queen (or anybody of significance) wanted to know about the thoughts of psiclone's boy Stevie?