A Strong Performance by Obama


Barack Obama has just turned in his best performance of the campaign. While I believe John McCain delivered a spirited effort, Obama showed poise, stature, and a command of the facts that made him appear very presidential.

McCain needed to take the gloves off and he did. The only problem is that he sometimes showed a nasty streak that deterred from his otherwise solid arguments. The audience meter of uncommitted Ohio voters generally responded far less enthusiastically to negative attacks, of which McCain had many more than Obama — too many, in fact.

At this stage of the campaign, McCain needed a game changer. Tonight was not it. McCain lost, period.


A Strong Performance by Obama

  1. “That one” will hang him high…
    If I was working the Obama Ads. for the next few days – that sleazy not facing him – pointy finger “That one” remark would be repeated and repepated to make McCain cring for the next 30 days…
    Statesmanlike / Presidential…Phhht!

  2. I agree that McCain lost last night, and has probably lost the election as well.

    The game changer McCain needed happened a couple of weeks ago and he didn’t grasp it. The bailout package was the game changer, there is widespread hatred of that bill, but McCain stood should to shoulder with his congressional colleagues and passed a pork laden bill the public hate. McCain should have been out front and recommending something that would have helped Main St, not Wall St.

    Obama is a chameleon. If I knew nothing about Obama, and I tuned in for the first time last night, he almost sounded Reaganesque. Hard stance again Iran, refuse to take military force off the table, drilling, proposed more spending cuts than additions. Obama comes across as moderate, poised, confident and he’s clearly mastered his material.

    And then there’s McCain floundering around, not sounding very repub nor dem. McCain lectured Obama about strategy/tactics a couple of weeks ago but it seems McCain’s campaign team don’t know the terms either.

  3. McCain is exemplifying many of the negative stereotypes about Americans believed throughout the world. JHe is an angry and aggressive bully who is demonstrating new levels of depravity every day the campaign progresses. Interestingly, I care more about the US election than our own national election next week. I care because I cannot wait to see McCain lose and “that one” win.

  4. True, Parisella. He did lose. And it crowns a whole week of losing… from his campaign’s attempts to paint Obama as a terrorist to his support for the bail-out bill. He topped it all last night by announcing that the govt. should buy out all the bad mortages. He’s the Republican???

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