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A very Liberal Christmas


The Liberals held their Christmas party at the Crown Plaza in Ottawa. Before the bash, Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla showed off the poster for www.yourvoices.ca , a grassroots campaign aimed at attracting new voices and ideas to the Liberal Party.


An after party followed at the hip club Diesel. Here is Newfoundland MP Scott Simms with Toronto MP Martha Hall Findlay.


Montreal MP Justin Trudeau with Krista Balsam, aide to Newfoundland MP Judy Foote.


Hall Findlay sported a black and white vintage leather dress.


Braden Root, aide to MP Mario Silva.


Christian Dicks, aide to Newfoundland MP Siobhan Coady.


Dicks with news anchor Kevin Newman of Global National .


Greg MacEachern of Summa Strategies with Staci Ahohen of Canada Post.


Liam McGuinty, aide to Montreal MP Marlene Jennings.


Matt Watt, Justin Trudeau’s aide in the MP’s Montreal riding


Daniel Rubinstein (left), aide to Vancouver MP Hedy Fry, and Max Rubin, aide to Montreal MP Irwin Cotler.



A very Liberal Christmas

  1. Okay, I’ll bite: why is Trudeau in a kilt, in a cage? Anyone?

  2. He’s a metaphor.

    • ROFLMAO!

  3. My question is why are there only men mostly portrayed above?

    I was at this event and there were a significant amount more women then viewable in the gender ratio of this montage.

    The presentation of gender at this event is false and dissapointing for the coverage of a national magazine.

    • You’re right! I counted 13 men in these photos, and only 6 women. The ratio of men to women is more than 2:1. A travesty!

      Let’s look at the breakdown:

      Men: Scott Simms, Justin Trudeau (2)
      Women: Martha Hall Findlay, Ruby Dhalla (2)

      Men: Daniel Rubinstein, Max Ruben, Matt Watt, Liam McGuinty, Christian Dicks (twice), Braden Root, Louis-Alexandre Lanthier, Alexis Cuerrier (8)
      Women: Krista Balsam (1)

      Men: Kevin Newman, Greg MacEachern (2)
      Women: Staci Ahohen (1)

      Men: (1)
      Women: (2)

      As you can see, the overrepresentation of sexy male aides is responsible for this imbalance. Clearly, the Liberal Party must shoulder some of the blame. If they didn’t hire attractive young men as aides, the Macleans photographer would have been less distracted and the female gender would be fairly represented in the montage.

      Fortunately, I have the Canadian Human Rights Commission on speed dial to deal with just such emergencies.

  4. Young, attractive cougar-bait, at that.

  5. Martha, Elizabeth May wasn’t invited, or didn’t get past the door crash guards.

  6. Holy Crap! I thought Paul Wells posted this!

    Imagine my relief when I scrolled back to the top, and found out it was Mitchael Raphael. I knew Wells was disillusioned with the state of politics recently, (as am I) but a career change into this kind of celebrity fluff would be a sad use of his talents.

    Obviously, it is time to take the rest of the year off from political reading. See you all next year!

  7. Matt Watt looks like Jim Carrey.

    Is Liam McGuinty one of the Ottawa McGuinty’s?

  8. Not unusual for people of Scottish decent to wear kilts at Xmas, etc. Perhaps his mother is of Scottish decent.

  9. Trudeau’s mom and his paternal grandmother (Elliott’s) are of Scottish descent.

  10. Liam is one of Dalton’s sons (and David McGuinty’s nephew).

  11. More liberals at this event than on the floor to vote while Dion was in charge LOL!!! Go Harper Go!!!

  12. LOL…click on the “Your Voices” link and follow the directions. Apparently you can neither Inspire, nor Hope, nor Dream, nor Succeed in life…unless you pony up some cash to the LPC! Mind you, several Quebec advertising firms could very well have passed on this tid-bit of information several years ago.

    On another note…I never had any inclination or desire to work for Canada Post until I saw this blog.