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A very NDP Christmas


Former NDP MPs Bill Blaikie and Alexa McDonough returned to the Hill for the NDP Christmas party in 200 West Block. Both were presented with their green chairs from the House of Commons.


NDP leader Jack Layton and former leader Ed Broadbent.


Layton (far right) McDonough and Blaikie with Winnipeg MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis at the microphone.




Montreal MP Thomas Mulcair (left).


Toronto MP Olivia Chow with Vancouver MP Don Davies.


B.C. MP Dawn Black (left).


NDP media man Brad Lavigne.


NDP staffers Greg Denton (left) and Riccardo Filippone.



A very NDP Christmas

  1. I think the third photo is incorrectly captioned. I believe that it’s Bill Blaikie, not Ed Broadbent on the left.

  2. Those green chairs – don’t they belong to the taxpayers? Do we have to cough up more taxpayer funds to replace them?

    • It’s Christmas, Sandi. Don’t be bitter. At least they’ve been sat in by classy asses.

  3. I believe MP’s are allowed to buy their chairs after a certain amount of time in the house, so I believe the answer to Sandi is no.

  4. My Christmas wish from Macleans – Can we have at least one column where Justin Trudeau is not featured?

  5. I’m not bitter or even care that much. I guess this means chairs will have to be made to match the others.

    Personally, I hate that green colour. Reminds me of baby food peas.

    Too bad Blaikie wasn’t still there – he could control QP.

  6. Wow, a gaggle of socialists in their natural habitat.

    Why is Broadbent holding his breath?

    • Geese are a gaggle.

      Socialists are hordes.

      Broadbent is pondering the glory that is Senator Mike Duffy.

  7. Greg Denton, you are one skinny dude …. dude.

  8. though he may be little, he be but fierce!

  9. Why is it that NDP staffers always seem to much better dressed than the actual politicians? (& other party staffers) Do they pay them that well? Did no one explain the no-taste dress code for politics? I’ve seen a lot of Dipper staffers & volunteers make the orange tie thing look good, but it always seems to looks goofy on uncle Jack.

    Oh, well, Merry Christmas everyone. Even to conservatives.

    The House of Commons is green because that was the colour of commoners. The Senate is red because they’re (at least once upon a time were) upper class & entitled to a regal colour. But nobody told the Sask Leg carpeting crew that back in 1905 so they put red carpet in the Commons chamber, and it’s been kept ever since. (I don’t think it’s still the original. Those oil revenues should be able to at least pay for new carpet every few decades. But it was a national scandal at the time.)