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A voice of sanity in RoboGate [sic]


Hélène Buzzetti, of Le Devoir’s Ottawa bureau, makes a very sage point about all this robocall business, by way of  Jean-Pierre Kingsley, former director of Elections Canada.

“[Kingsley] assures that Elections Canada has the means to investigate the question [of potential voter fraud], either with its own resources and those of the RCMP, which is already implicated, or by hiring outside firms.”

Exactly. The worst possible thing to happen to the investigation is to have the whole robocall bru-ha-ha-ha chucked into the maw of the shout-y, festering beast that is the House of Commons.

In passing, there’s a very easy way of at least mitigating the robocall problem: have an Elections Canada edict banning the damn things outright. But something tells me that’s not about to happen. Everyone, the NDP very much included, knows how well they work.

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A voice of sanity in RoboGate [sic]

  1. Please do not call it anything-gate.

  2. But the call centre calls show the problem could/would easily still continue.  We’re not really concerned about using automatic dailing.  Sadly, we’re not even all that concerned about lying generally.  The concern is TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE NOT CAST BALLOTS by lying about where they vote. 

  3. A voice of reason would:
    a) Would call on and expect the prime minister, who is the head of the Conservative Party, to conduct a full internal investitgation and offer up any and all evidence to the Commissioner not taunt the Opposition to come up with infromation he has access to


    b) refuse to use the word “gate” on the end of this or any other scandal

    • Hands up, everyone who would trust Harper’s Conservatives — or any political party — to do a full internal investigation and turn over all evidence.

      [looks around at empty air]

  4. I suspect that the reason that Elections Canada leaked the news of this “investigation” to PostMedia is because they knew it was going to come up empty, and figured they’d let the media do a quick smear job on the CPC because EC couldn’t do it themselves.

    The fact that EC continually uses the media to generate publicity for it’s investigations is highly unethical. And it’s even worse that it’s always setting it’s sights on one target and one target only.

    • So we have this idiot as a Senator who paid $52,000 for nothing? He was innocent but he paid $52,000? 

  5. Sneaky NDP – good find MP.

    “A robocall campaign asked constituents whether they agreed with St-Denis’ decision to cross the floor and those who pressed one to indicate they disagreed with her decision were automatically transferred to one of St-Denis’ offices.”

    And the NDP are feeling pretty smug and holier than thou right now, lol!

    “Housser’s revelation comes only a day after the NDP’s Quebec caucus chair Guy Caron categorically denied in an interview with iPolitics that the NDP had anything to do with phone campaign in St-Denis’ riding.

    “This is not our way of doing things so I would be extremely surprised if it came from us,” said Caron.

    However, the phone numbers shown on call displays corresponds to Strategic Communications Inc. – a company based in Vancouver and Toronto that has done work in the past for a number of progressive non-profit groups and for the NDP.

    St-Denis said it was “dishonest” for the calls to not mention they were being made on behalf of the NDP.”

  6. I’ve watched this unfold and the recent labeling of it as “robo-gate” is a great tactic.
    The reference to Nixon’s “Watergate” makes it easy for busy Canadians to get a handle on what has happened to us.
    Nixon was a corrupt leader who used dirty/illegal tricks, and was eventually removed from power … the analogy seems completely appropriate.