UPDATED: Aaaaand the new Sandra Buckler is ... Kory Tenycke? Really? - Macleans.ca

UPDATED: Aaaaand the new Sandra Buckler is … Kory Tenycke? Really?


According to Conservative chatter, that is. But I’m pretty sure they must be basing it on something more than Jane Taber’s last predictorial, so — congratulations, presumptive PMO DComm Tenycke! I guess I’m going to have to add your last name to the Firefox spellcheck now, huh?

Of course, being the wonkarina that I am, as soon as I found out, my first thought was, ‘Ooh, who’s gonna take over the Conservative research bureau?’ Really, though, that’s every bit as interesting for someone fascinated by the behind-the-scenes machinations of Hill politics. Particularly given the current state of the Conservative Research Group, which is most kindly described as ‘low-profile’, although ‘clandestine’, ‘secretive’ and ‘the Tories have a what now?’ would be more accurate.

Anyway, this could all be moot and wrong and just another mindgame, but I thought I’d let y’all know anyway. Let the feeding frenzy begin!

INSTAUPDATE: Confirmed by another source! Whee! Since I’m headed off to the Fourthivities, I’ll direct y’all to Wells for reaction.

STILL MORE UPDATIFICATION:  A wee bird (but not, I should stress, a sparrow) told someone-who-told-someone-who-told-ITQ that Tenycke was at morning muster with Guy Giorno today,  and has apparently informed his staff at the CRG compound to pack up the wagon and head over to Langevin.

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UPDATED: Aaaaand the new Sandra Buckler is … Kory Tenycke? Really?

  1. Boy, all those Deputy Directors of Communication at Langevin and not one of them gets picked. That’s gotta hurt.

  2. Can you imagine having Harper as your direct supervisor? Sheesh! I bet you Buckler was buying Tylenol bottles by the case…

  3. Teneycke comes from the CRG which is like the Liberal Research Group, funded from the House budget for individual parties (search under Kory and you will find the info on GEDS).

    They are not part of the Conservative Party operation which would explain why he could so quickly move over – the security clearances must already be in place.

    This probably means that Stewart-Olsen is now going to be in complete control of communications. The Brodie-Buckler gong show is effectively over.

  4. What’s with the Frum tag, KO?
    I’m afraid. I’m very afraid!

  5. Do you honestly receive a pay cheque just to blog about mindless junk?

  6. Junk my ass.

  7. Content is only part of it,George.

    Kadie is a winner because of her style points.

  8. Plus she is not on the taxpayer’s dime, she is on Uncle Teddy’s dime (of which he has plenty).

  9. “Do you honestly receive a pay cheque just to blog about mindless junk?”

    Having a bad day George?

  10. It would help if somebody would tell us whether the new guy is a new broom and there will be a different communications strategy or are we Conservatives out in the regular world going to continue to be subjected to a communications strategy that is nuts in this day and age.
    Refusing to meet with the media and hiding on virtually every issue is not a sound policy when the world is driven by 30 second sound bites. The opposition has been successful at framing the government as secretive and lacking transparency and the media, because we make their jobs more difficult, is perpetuating the story. If we don’t get our act together we will be fighting the opposition and the media in the next election. Not a winning combination in my judgement.

  11. If so, let the Stewart-Olsen gong show begin!