Abbotsford, B.C. is Canada’s murder capital, again -

Abbotsford, B.C. is Canada’s murder capital, again

Violent crimes in Canada in decline, says StatsCan


Abbotsford, B.C. had renewed its title as the murder capital of Canada, recording more homicides per capita than any other city in 2009. The Abbotsford-Mission CMA, with a population of 160,000, recorded nine murders in 2009. Most other cities in western Canada—including Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Edmonton—had much higher counts of violent crimes, but fewer murders per capita. Abbotsford’s high murder rate is likely due to its popularity with gang leaders who have been engaged in a murderous turf war in recent years, The Province reports. Regina had the highest level of violent crime overall, with Saskatoon and Winnipeg trailing not far behind. Guelph, Ont. had the lowest level of violent crime, followed by Québec City and Toronto. According to the index, Canada’s overall crime rate has fallen 4% from 2008.

Statistics Canada
The Province

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Abbotsford, B.C. is Canada’s murder capital, again

  1. The fact the crime rate has lowered overall in Canada may be misleading. People dont report smaller crimes to the police like they used to, like bicycle theft. My insurance deductable on my condo is $1000 now….hardly worth bothering to report a stolen lawn mower now to the police when they are so busy with more serious crimes and never even bother to show up and investigate anyways…

    I think if the police treated petty crimes like littering and graffiti more serious, then all of us may be more law-abiding.

    • Statistics based on police reports are all we have, other than gut instinct. They aren't perfect, but they're the best indicator available. Plus, my local police force encourages us to to report virtually everything, even minor stuff. They acknowledge that no one will show up to investigate stolen Noma Moon Rays, but it helps them determine patterns and trends.

      As for littering & graffiti, I think we would get more bang for our buck if it were removed. Taggers wouldn't bother if their efforts were painted over within a day or two. Instead, if you see one, you know more will follow shortly.

      • Perhaps we should have a long form survey that is mandatory for all minor crimes. This is a serious gap in our public policy process, and society at large would suffer greatly without it.

        Otherwise, we may never have accurate statistical analysis of criminal behaviours and social policy tailored to match…. damn you Tony Clement! Damn you!!!!!!

        • Too bad we can't convince criminals to fill out the long survey regarding their criminal activity, eh?

        • That is a good idea. Everytime one is convicted of a crime(minor/major), one of the punishments must be to fill out a very, very long census form – designed for criminals only. Penalty for non cooperation should be an automatic 5 years added to their sentencing. I wonder if that would help in reducing crime…

    • Fortunately, you don't have to resort to idle speculation when the answer is right in the StatsCan report – first paragraph, at that.

      Nearly 2.2 million crimes were reported to police in 2009, about 43,000 fewer than in 2008. Overall, three property crimes accounted for the majority of this drop: 17,000 fewer motor vehicle thefts, 10,000 fewer mischief offences and 5,000 fewer break-ins.


      The crime rate, a measure of the volume of crime reported to police, fell 3% in 2009 and was 17% lower than a decade ago.

      The Crime Severity Index (CSI), a measure of the seriousness of police-reported crime, declined 4% in 2009 and stood 22% lower than in 1999.

      Violent crimes, which range in seriousness from harassing phone calls to homicide, accounted for about 1 in 5 crimes in 2009. Police-reported violent crime in Canada is also declining, but to a lesser extent than overall crime.

      Police identified about 165,000 youth aged 12 to 17 accused of a criminal offence in 2009. Both the number of crimes and the seriousness of crimes committed by youth have generally been declining since 2001, including a slight drop in 2009.

      Look at that! Not only is the reduction across the board, but also includes violent crime.

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  2. It's interesting that the rate of firearms crimes increased.

    • It would be fun to speculate… but given that it dropped 9% the previous year, I suspect it is just an outlier.

    • In my own case, I'm committing much less firearms crime than I used to. As usual, I'm out of step with the broader social trend.

  3. Major crimes are reported in these surveys and provide a good guideline to the major criminal activity within Canada. The police ALWAYS want to receive reports of minor crimes for understanding of local problems, but it is also understandable that they will not form a task force to look for a missing rubber ducky at the expense of hunting a killer or a bank robber.

    • they may not want to look for a rubber ducky but look out donut crimes, they are there.

  4. I had heard Guelph had a high number of crime families living there, wonder if that helps?

    • Im from guelph, It's mostly retired mafia.

  5. There is also eight Federal Institutions in the Abbosford / Matsqui area, the spin off effect from these Prisons to the community is amazing, i.e. The ring leaders for the three most notorious gangs in B.C. are all in Matsqui Institution, and most of their associates are spread throughout the Fraser Valley,also the Canada / U.S. border is appx 2 km away…the power struggle never stops.

    • And yet Kingston, with a similar number of Federal institutions, ranks among the lowest crime areas.

      • Interesting,Probably because you don't have the amount of Gang activity that the Abbotsford area has. If you take into consideration in the Abbotsford area (central Fraser Valley ) the close proximity to the U.S. border, there are hundreds of places where you can drive, and walk across the border into the U.S. virtualy undetected, Drug smuggling and person entry happens on a daily basis, this along with the three top Organized Crime gangs ring leaders ( Independent Soldiers, U.N. Gang, and the Red Scorpians.) being housed in area Prisons, their henchmen and families set up shop in the area…the end result is an ongoing Turf war and power Struggle, along with drug dealing etc,etc.

        • All those statements apply equally to Kingston. There's a lot of bikers in Kingston, the border is three steps and a dogpaddle away, etc.

          There's more at work than the presence of jails. Not sure what, but your explanation doesn't quite scan.

          • I agree that there is more at work, the Institutions, and Correction Centers are just a small part of the network.You mentioned a lot of bikers in the Kingston there much competition from rival gangs in the area ? Less competition, fewer gang related hits. Also by comparison if an individual say, was to owe a biker a couple thousand bucks for drugs,you'd get put in a body cast and have to sign over your car or truck to the cause…Same scenario with say…the U.N.Gang..well you would just be added to the ever growing missing persons list. Bikers and modern day Gangsters operate very differently.

          • In Ontario, they just invite you and your 7 or 8 indy biker buddies out to a farm, kill you all and leave you stuffed in cars around the farm.

            The bikers in K-town are the ones in jail. The bosses of the Hells Angels. Nice fellas. They tend to use car bombs and targeted assasinations of jail guards, not body casts. And they don't deal in "a couple thousand bucks" worth of drugs. They're the manufacturer. They don't involve themselves in the distribution.

          • Agree, That happened in 2006, and where rival gang members Bandidos, in Southern Ontario you have the Nomads, which are Angel associates.As far as the distribution part goes …well, I guess Eastern Bikers differ from the Hells Angels on the West coast when it comes to the distribution point of view, the drugs don`t get to the dealers by themselves. As far as the ''couple thousand bucks'' bit.. well,, thats just a fact of life if your into the '' lifestyle''….Getting back to my original question, Are you aware of any rival gang activity in that area ?? Not biker rivals ! Big difference…..

          • All of them. In Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, Mississauga, Brampron…some are race based, some culture, most are just about the cash.
            Shower Posse
            West End Boyz
            Driftwood Crips
            Assorted Tamil, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese gangs, that have names I can't spell..most of these spread out from Toronto across the province. The subculture in Kingston is pretty lively.

          • The ones with the names you can't spell, they are the ones that are usually the most low profile,and the most dangerous, Self respecting ''Gangsters'' call these groups Thugs. If I had to choose who to have a ''Discussion '' with it would be a Biker.

      • Too bad for Kingston, Abbotsford beat it hands down. Next time tell those guys not to dump their victims somewhere else. Well, better luck next year!

  6. excellent marketing for a town, gawd….come vacation in our town!…the one the only true murder capital of the country…come and enjoy the drive bys, the robberies, the muggings, the beats, the rapes. and whatever else this town can throw at you…enjoy the fervor and uncontrollable fear this town has to offer…hurry on down motels are always cheap…you might see a live drowning in our waterpark!

    • That would qualify Abbotsford for distinct society status. Imagine the benefits…

    • Great response. Made my day, literally. And good for you.

  7. Of course, because of political correctness we cannot mention the ethnic background of bothe murderers and murderees.

      • I was gonna go with something similar…what was that Laszko guy's background? You know the one who killed four RCMP officers?

      • Guess again. I usually dry my towell omn a towell rack.

        • Careful, you've just told us you have at least one bathroom in your house.

    • Your probably right. Some namby pamby sociologist probably said that not only was it irrelevant or unnecessary, but that it was even outside of the scope of the report. Bunch of liberal pantywaists.

      I'd be willing to bet that there isn't even a field on the complaint form for, "The race of the guy who I think stole my car:" Absolutely ridiculous.

      • Uh, I'm glad as hell that there's no field on the form for the race of the guy you "think" stole your car.

        • Sorry, I think this is one of those Poe's Law moments. I was being facetious.

          • oh, sorry – my bad. I guess I'm on a hair trigger after seeing some scary stuff on these boards. My apologies again, mostly because now I see the humour and it's actually pretty funny.

          • No worries, that's the entire idea behind Poe's Law. Unless you actually know the source, its impossible to tell the difference between the nutters and the people making a joke.

  8. I'm happy to be from one of Canada's most dangerous cities, Regina. Because it's not really any more dangerous here than most other places, it's just that Regina is a less populated Toronto style city – it's the centre of activity for both good, and bad in this end of the province.

  9. 在这里输入文字的权利!

  10. how are those gun laws working out for you

    • Way better than the ones in the States..Everybody is packin something !

  11. Way to place emphasis on the down side.
    Your headline should have been "Stats Canada determines crime rate falling."
    But no that isn't the message you want folk to get. Keep em frightened and the law and order money keeps rolling in.

    You do realise that if only one crime was committed in Canada, somewhere would still be the crime capital of the country.

    Very lazy, very sloppy and very paritisan.

  12. On the subject of ethnicity and crime, Statcan has looked at this issue, in Toronto (and in other cities), in research that won't be happening in the future thanks to the demise of the long-form census. Turns out that low neighbourhood incomes correlate pretty strongly with crime rates, and that the more immigrants a neighbourhood has, the lower its crime rate.

    In the West, high-crime neighbourhoods do tend to have higher Aboriginal populations, but again the correlation is stronger with income. Here's the report on Edmonton:

  13. Abbotsford could use this to their advantage. They could use their town as drug rehabilitation capital of Canada. Imagine the sell; "The buzz you get out of fear in living at the Murder Capital of Canada is higher than that of any drugs available". A drug and cost free treatment.

  14. This is written VERY poorly. Take a research methods class before quoting statistics which might 'frighten' people and knock Abbotsford off the map. Maybe end it off with "this does not include non reported incidents" and that the rate is declining even if it is at the top of the herd. Geez, some optimisim please?

    • Rate is declining..News update ..Wed. July 28,2010.. Abbotsford experiences second murder in less than a week..both appear to be Gang hits…about this optimism thing you speak of…………

    • Wednesday July 28,2010..Abbotsford experiences second murder in less than a week…..This optimisim thing does not seem to be doing so well……..

  15. is it safe to live in central abbotsford???

  16. near luna home???t

  17. not to mention its gangsters who get shot, not the average tax payer… i can walk down the street anywhere in Abbotsford and NO i don't have to worry about getting shot, raped, assaulted… also many of these gangsters choose to live in Abbotsford because its just outside of metro Vancouver boundaries. One of the reasons the turf war happens to be here and not so much in Vancouver. you can enjoy life in Abbotsford, the people who say otherwise obviously are not doing anything productive with their lives anyways…

  18. I believe that calling Abbotsford the 'Murder Capital of Canada' is an unfair title as NONE of the murders that have occurred here have been innocent people. All of the Homicide victims killed in Abbotsford were well known to police to have some form of connection to Gangs and were targeted hits, not random attacks' by some psychopath or irate person.

    For the 'Average Joe', I'd say that Abbotsford is one of the safest cities in Canada to live and never have I worried about being killed by some Nut case. Almost all of the killing have occurred at night when most normal people are safe at home in bed.

    So, in all due fairness, the title should read; "Abbotsford, the Gang/Druggie Slaying Capital of Canada".

  19. 9 murders thats all?? Thats like a Sunday afternoon in Mexico, or L.A.. I think everyone is fine as long as they stay in good old peaceful Canada. You wanna get scared walk through a bad part of town in any U.S. city, and excuse the slight racism, but you better not be white cause you might not make it to the end of the block. Unless your buying crack lol.

  20. thats so true @160228d6636ed09073aa36bd89b77002:disqus they dont show up or if they its not till like way later…. when me nd my family called the cops to pick some1 up who was drunk nd getting rowdy they didnt show up till almost 12 hours later

  21. Crime is as such that we have entered now for a long time a dangerous state, we as a society have not progressed understanding what is a manageable and respective state. Drugs are “yes dangerous”, alcohol “no”, not really, thats why we have bars. What alludes me to comment is the lack of being, people who can be people. Stats, yes while bad, is misleading to the public. Society needs to build on what it has left, that is its class in humanity. We are collectively better then that! So should we say, lets clean up our act, yes, then thats what we have to do. Our children our our own, and now they are adults in trouble. Lots can be said about, looking after them, well to go back to the supper table as a family is one way. Fix our areas of where we live, yes thats a start. Jobs, yes, better economics, yes, and yes lots of manners. ray