Advice for socialists -

Advice for socialists


Not long ago, I suggested that the NDP should keep their name and build on their “New Strong” brand. That’s just marketing advice — what they really need is something worth selling. And what do you know? Stephen and Nick over at WCI have spent their August laying out the NDP’s ideal election platform, under the fancy heading “Economic policy advice for the NDP”.  The best part: you don’t have to be an NDP supporter to like the proposals on offer.


Climate change

Cash for low income households

Corporate taxes


Big Government

Nothing on education yet.


Advice for socialists

  1. Great post, and tremendous pieces at WCI. Also the comments, presumably from economist colleagues, are very interesting. Here's hoping this influences the NDP's program and, most of all, tone in the next campaign.

  2. It was a revelation to look at the neat stuff at WCI, I agree with Jack getting more solid facts and analyses from all corners of the political spectrum would be welcome compared to the factoids and bluster we have been getting.

  3. Not bad. I mean, I still disagree with the goals of the NDP to hire more people at my expense to meddle with my life and try to transform me and society into a "progressive one" (meaning more like them) but this definitely makes good points.

    a) The fact that cost of high taxes (except income tax) are borne mostly by lower and middle class people.
    b) That the size of government or its spending isn't the problem as long as the government is fiscally solvent with enough revenue. (Though again, I see a small government as a good in and of itself).
    c) That there is no way to reduce carbon emissions in the short term without imposing a cost on the consumers.

  4. Yup. Stephen Gordon. The heavy metal bloggers at the Globe. Assorted bloggers and commenters
    at Macleans. And occasional denizens of the leftward lineup at NNW.

    All rife with concern for the care and feeding of wayward Dippers. Why, oh why, can't they be more
    like us ?
    They care. They really care. The warm and fuzzies … well, it's just too much.

  5. *sigh*

    I defy you to find anything in any of those posts that contradicts a core NDP value. The issue is how to actually achieve the stated goals.

    • Exasperation becomes you.