Afghan army far from ready to lead -

Afghan army far from ready to lead

Not even bothering to aim their guns


For several years now the Stephen Harper government in Ottawa, like military and political leaders in Washington, have stressed training up the Afghan National Army to take over from western forces in fighting the Taliban. For instance, just before Christmas, Defence Minister Peter MacKay made a point of congratulating 20 new graduates from a junior staff officers’ training program in Kabul. But the message of progress now looks hollow. The New York Times reports from the field that claims the Afghan military is planning the missions and leading them don’t square with what journalists are witnessing. The story chronicles everything from lax discipline, to officer arrogance, to Afghan soldiers who don’t aim before pulling the trigger. In the operations described, American Marines lead in every sense. Not a promising picture as the Canada plans to pull out its troops next year and the U.S. to begin drawing down theirs.

New York Times

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Afghan army far from ready to lead

  1. If they have no interest in getting serious about defending themselves and their country, then to bad. Let's not waste another moment with these dummies

  2. This is the same situation we saw several years ago on some of the Youtube videos of the CF operating with the ANA. The ANA guys were just holding their rifles in the general direction of the enemy and firing, without looking down the sights or even in the direction they were firing. Some guys were just shooting in the air. Lax discipline seems like the problem. I don't get why you can't impose discipline on them after all these years of training. Just be harsh for God's sake; it's better than letting the Taliban annihilate them if/when NATO ever pulls out.

  3. I don't know why anyone finds this surprising. If our so-called "gift of freedom" to the Afghan people, in the form of 130+ Canadian lives and millions of dollars, isn't enough to even get them to aim their f___ing gun, why are we there? I know that reason, and its time more people opened their eyes.