Afghan detainee documents buried in a shipping container -

Afghan detainee documents buried in a shipping container

Military officials testify it “may take years” to sort them out


The Military Police Complaints Commission heard Tuesday that documents it has requested regarding the transfer of Afghan detainees could take years to sort out. According to testimony by Maj. Denis Gagnon, the relevant files were “all thrown together in a storage bin, a sea container.” The process of Indexing and cataloguing those documents “may take years,” he said. A senior military official had testified earlier that some documents are being withheld in order to prevent information from leaking out. “We know full well that Canada’s enemies are ready to use that kind of information against our troops that are deployed there,” Brig. Gen. Richard Blanchette said. “That is why there have been certain delays in producing those documents.”

Montreal Gazette

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Afghan detainee documents buried in a shipping container

  1. Spoken like a true Viet Nam vet.

  2. bunch of jokers who are complicit in war crimes. enough with this crap about respecting the troops – you don't respect them or protect them by hiding things as serious as this. the govt. is just using the bodies of fallen soldiers as their soapbox – that's a damn insult.

  3. Mr. Retired Justice Iacobucci is not a young man. He should not be sent into a sea container with a flashlight and a black marker…

  4. If this is true, this kind of incompetence in document management cannot go unpunished. Someone needs to be canned if they toss important documents without rhyme or reason into a shipping container. That is, unless, the documents were deliberately lost.

  5. So is the coverup being committed by some military individuals, or by the whole military from the top down, or by the military acting upon orders from the Harper minority government?

  6. The question now is who in the government or the military ordered these docs to be "lost" in this manner, and WHEN did they issue the order to do so.

  7. Most Canadians like myself really don't care what happens to detainees after they are handed over to Afkan authorities. Get on with something constructive in our gov't.

    Don B

    • What has been stopping them from doing something constructive for the last 4 years?

      The right wing is not "most Canadians" bub so stop speaking on our behalf. Thanks.

  8. Remember Nixon, yeah well he screwed up, the truth eventually leaked out and he was canned, i.e. Watergate… Now it's Harper's turn, just wait and see !
    It is the beginning of the end for what will surely be known as the darkest era in Canadian politics.