Afghan mission could be extended past 2011 -

Afghan mission could be extended past 2011

Defence minister says gov’t ‘examining all the options’


The federal government hasn’t yet ruled out the possibility Canada might stay in Afghanistan past its self-imposed July 2011 deadline, according to Defence Minister Peter MacKay. That is, provided the opposition agrees to an extension. “I know that Ignatieff and Rae have made comments recently about training, and extending the mission,” MacKay said while on a tour of CFB Meaford. “That’s all very interesting.” As it stands, though, MacKay notes there’s little flexibility in the current plan to end the mission in July 2011, with all troops withdrawn by December of the same year. MacKay acknowledged what he termed as “a strong desire to have Canadians continue” among the country’s NATO allies in Afghanistan and said the government is currently “examining all the options.”

Owen Sound Sun Times

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Afghan mission could be extended past 2011

  1. Now there's a decision I can fully support!

  2. I wish they would change their minds on a few other things.

  3. And the liberals has given them unquestioned push towards that decision. How I wish they should let Afghans determine, fight and bleed for their own country. I have noticed many Afghans her e in Canada not lifting a finger for the betterment of their country, let alone might have helped the other side. I really do not like the idea of when in the near future, they will realize that there no such thing as quick fix in nation building, they turn around and point their very pointy fingers, toes, and of course shoes and blame us for every wrong imaginable.

    • Where do you live? I'm just curious. There must be quite a large Afghan community in your city if you notice "many Afghans not lifting a finger for the betterment of their country." Oh, wait, their country is now Canada. I know two Afghan families who came here in the 90's and are hard working successful small business owners, so believe me, they're lifting more than a finger for our country. And what's with the hate-on for pointy shoes?

  4. No more Canadians dying in that rat hole.

  5. Afghanistan cannot become a base for launching international terrorist attacks again, the civilized world, Canada included, must stop the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and political Islamists in Afghanistan – and wherever else they are found.
    Yes, this is going to be a very long war. Hopefully we win, losing would suck for billions of people, especially people who get their heads chopped off, and women.

  6. This is an American strategic resource war that we have been lied into participating. Harper McKay & Co have blood on their hands. That we are still there is a testament to propaganda . Afghans have never accepted foreign invaders and occupiers and never will. Like Iraqis Afghans were better off before we started bombing them back to the dark ages.

    • Don't you people ever stop? If this really was all about resources, why didn't the US just pay off the Taliban to get their pipeline or whatever? Wouldn't that have been easier, cheaper and more politically expedient?

      Don't let reason and common-sense enter your 'arguement' though.

      Oh, and PS it was Chretien and Martin who got us into this mess.

  7. Just be f*cking honest about it.

    Saying "pull out in 2011" was a monumentally stupid thing to claim, and only done for political reasons. Fair enough, I think we all understand that.

    At least come out and have the balls to say "The situation isn't as we expected. We will need to be present for longer. Until we've achieved our aims or realized that there is no possibility of doing so."

    You don't even have to say what our aims are, although that'd be very much appreciated, but putting a deadline on when we'll pull out regardless of the state of the situation on the ground? That's absolute stupidity. It helps nobody but our opponents, and for our own forces only serves to hinder them. That you idiots in parliament would think to do that is beyond the pale, and I sincerely hope that not a single one of you.. Liberal, NDP, Bloc, or CPC, gets re-elected.

    God knows new blood would have a host of problems with lack of experience, but at least we might get some people who are f*cking able to learn from their mistakes.

    ..stick around folks, and I may tell you how I really feel.. I've had far too much wine tonight.

  8. I think an offshore strategy in Afghanistan would be able to succeed with far lower costs. We are spending blood and treasure to rebuild a country that has no history of a democratic civil society, or even much history as a real country. Nor is the threat of terror a particularly compelling reason. There are plenty of other failed states for terrorists to use as a base. The real cost of 9/11 was in the overreaction by the west, not the attack itself.

    The west should withdraw and use dollar diplomacy (provide money and arms) to shore up pro-western interests in Afghanistan. As the rise of China revives the prospect of a superpower war, we have bigger fish to fry.

  9. I objected to our going in there in the first place. I wanted to withdraw our troops every day since. It was an abomination to stay as long as we did. There no word to describe the idea of staying beyond July/11.
    Canadians are too sheepish in allowing our government to even consider it.