Afghan opium farmers in the UN’s crosshairs -

Afghan opium farmers in the UN’s crosshairs

UN drug agency considers sabotaging poppy fields with low-yield seeds


Poppy planting season in Afghanistan is still a few weeks away, but the UN is already considering plans to make next year’s crop dramatically weaker than this year’s. The UN Office on Drugs and Crime is looking into over-sowing fields with low-yield poppies that generate one per cent as much morphine as regular poppies in order to undercut the country’s lucrative opium trade. However, while sabotaging the fields of farmers who refuse to switch to legitimate crops would cut into the Taliban’s reported $100 million a year income from the drug trade, there are worries it might also drive poor farmers straight into the insurgents’ arms. Critics say Afghan farmers have too few viable options that are as profitable as opium cultivation. “Alternative livelihood is a dream,” says Dirk Reinecke, a German economist who is consulting with the UN, “if every farmer is able to sow illicit crops and get more than five to 10 times more benefit than they do with the licit crop.” So far, “no position has been taken on [the proposal],” says Ugi Zvekic, an official with the drug agency.

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Afghan opium farmers in the UN’s crosshairs

  1. the world needs opium, people use it for the medical field, it is a gem in the middle of wars, it has qualities to prolong life and dismember pain…opium is a catch 22…its good outweighs the terrible…hopefully! it is also almost a prerequisite in the economy in that if it gets into the wrongs hands can cause untold havoc which it often does more so then we realize…but then we humans have a choice to be un-stupid! a political issue in countries such as afghanistan…why can't they harvest it legally, price it like quality gems. so they grow the best…what the dickens does the u n know but to destroy under the guise of assisting the tribal feuds…these poor people need to make a living…raise the quality of is only greed barons that make it illegal