Afghanistan: About that election... -

Afghanistan: About that election…


The reporting of the results in September’s parliamentary election in Afghanistan has been getting more grim by the day. Not only is there (as expected) a fair amount of corruption in the voting, and even the reporting of the votes. But now, there are allegations of corruption “in the process through which votes were announced invalid”. The attorney general’s office has been called in to investigate.

These are only allegations, and it could be simple gamesmanship by some of the losing candidates. But this is the nightmare scenario — that simply no one accepts the official results, with candidates making claims and counter-claims of victory, corruption, and unfair treatment. The IEC has said it will not return anyone to parliament who has not been legitimately elected. But if there isn’t general acceptance of the process by which legitimacy is is determined, then you’ve got serious, serious problems. After all, if Afghans can’t trust the IEC or the ECC, why should they trust the attorney general’s office?

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Afghanistan: About that election…

  1. This has to be the definition of insanity – expecting a fair election in Afghanistan.

  2. I don't even know why they even bother with an election!!!

  3. "The IEC has said it will not return anyone to parliament who has not been legitimately elected. "

    So no government then?

  4. The last time election fraud was rampant in Afghanistan, all NATO countries involved rubber-stamped the results. The same will happen this time. Fraud worked last time for the victor, so why wouldn't it be the norm again this time around?

    If you reward cheaters, more people will try to cheat.

  5. 'corruption “in the process through which votes were announced invalid” '

    Huh. I didn't know the PQ had sent advisors there.

  6. Cosmetic democracies are a farce. Lets get real for a moment. This is an American strategic resource war. The reasons advanced for being their have changed from getting Bin Laden, to delivering democracy as well as other pretexts. Canadians were bullied into this war and we should be out of there yesterday.


    The weird concept of “having done our share”, according to a timetable is an innovative and bizarre notion pursuant to fighting a war. What kind of world would we be living in today if Churchill and Roosevelt had cut, run and surrendered in 1944 instead of devastating the Germans in Normandy, and the Japanese in Saipan and the Philippines, as well as ending the German blockade of Leningrad? Fortuitously for us that these two world class leaders were not imbeciles like our current naive leaders.

  8. cond:

    Terrorists sympathizing politicians who voted for surrendering the battlefield in 2011 are informing the Taliban terrorists that all that is required of them to win the Afghanistan war on terrorism is to patiently hang on until 2011 when our valiant soldiers will be commanded to retreat in humiliation. These left-wing politicians are further advising the Afghanistan people that they are being forsaken to the embolden terrorists who have obviously won the war. Canada's far-left politicians are indicating to women and children that they will no longer be liberated students or business women, but will be victims of rape and murder; just like in the old days when Afghanistan was a breathing ground for terrorism. Once again Afghanistan will export terrorists around the world including Canada, thanks to Mr. Harper and his ambitions.

  9. cond:

    If Canada surrenders from killing Afghanistan terrorists in 2011 we will be abandoning our heroic troops and informing the parents and love ones of our dead troops that they died in vain; their terrorist's murders will never be held responsible for their death. Canada's far-left wing, terrorist deferential parties must amend their policies of refusing to support our Canadian troops. The extremists in the opposition parties must be persuaded that terrorism, and especially the Taliban's expedition of terrorism, is not tolerable. However, persuading these morons may or may not be possible. Like most left-wing morons Mr. Ignatieff, Duceppe and Layton and their fellow lunatics want to blame society rather than their beloved Terrorists for the war on terrorism.

    War is not a hockey game that you play until the whistle goes after sixty minutes. By cutting and running from Afghanistan after 2011 we will fortify the terrorists in Afghanistan, vitalize Canadian terrorists, dishonor our dead soldiers, and place Canadian citizens in greater danger of being victims of these terrorists animals just as Churchill and Roosevelt would have done in 1944.