Africa mourns Ghana's World Cup loss -

Africa mourns Ghana’s World Cup loss

Meanwhile, Paris Hilton arrested for marijuana at Brazil-Netherlands match


The World Cup quarter-finals had an unusual twist as celebrity socialite Paris Hilton’s marijuana arrest and ensuing court drama competed for press attention with Ghana’s devastating loss to Uruguay. Hilton was arrested for alleged possession of marijuana at the Brazil-Netherlands match Friday in Port Elizabeth, but a judge tossed out the charges against her after her companion, former Playboy Playmate Jennifer Rovero, pleaded guilty. Her arrest knocked Ghana off the front page of Afrikaans daily Die Burger and appeared in many other Saturday newspapers. Meanwhile, “Africa’s dream [was] shattered,” according to The Herald in Zimbabwe.


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Africa mourns Ghana’s World Cup loss

  1. You need to be sure of your story before you go to print. Paris was not arrested, her driver was.

  2. Paris F***ing Hilton? You really needed to stick her shtick in the midst of world cup coverage? If's she's so bloody notable you could have given her her own wee article. Shame on you for sullying World Cup coverage with this crap. And I say that as a dyed-in-the -wool Warholian celebrity studier. But really.