African science slowed by brain drain, low investment -

African science slowed by brain drain, low investment

Continent suffers from “hemorrhage of talent, report says


Africa could be contributing far more to the global body of scientific research and benefiting its own population, according to a new report from Thomson Reuters. Like India and China, the continent suffers from a “hemorrhage of talent” as many of the top researchers leave to study abroad and don’t return. “The African diaspora provides powerful intellectual input to the research achievements of other countries, but returns less benefit to the countries of birth,” said Jonathan Adams, director of research evaluation at Thomson Reuters. Using a database to track scientific populations, they found South Africa, Egypt and Nigeria dominate research output, but the continent’s overall volume of activity remains small. And it’s not just due to money: “The resources available in some African countries are substantial, but they are not being invested in the research base,” Adams said.


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African science slowed by brain drain, low investment

  1. You can have a pretty good life as a scientist in North America or Europe. If an African scientist has the choice between that life and a life of social instability with possible violent uprisings, they're going to be inclined toward the former particularly if they have a family to consider.

    Fix the social unrest first – the science will follow once you build a society that is peaceful and free.

    Building such a society is a matter of competing ideologies, not money or technology.

  2. African slow contribution to World Scientific Research is partly due to the poor economy and poor budgetary allocation for the Education sector. Also the habit of renoun and promising Africans especially from Nigeria travelling abroad for studies only to remain there for greener pasture after acquiring the needed knowledge is a big setback to Africa continent in technological development.

  3. Agreed with first post above. A free society is necessary for any advancement beyond basic agricultural practices. Real Estate Investment Blog

  4. So, if you have half a brain and several ounces of initiative, and ESPECIALLY if you have had some taste of the first world during your education, you aren't sticking around in Sierra Leone. This is news?

    G nails it above. Prosperity comes with political & economic freedom.