“Afrikaners With Atomic Weapons”


As if you couldn`t have guessed, that`s Ronald Wright back in the Focus pages of the Globe and Mail, talking about America.

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“Afrikaners With Atomic Weapons”

  1. The excerpt was tough going and is ripe for a fisking, too bad it’s not online. Bush is not my favourite pol but the left has truly become unhinged in the past eight years, the poor lambs. I hope they don’t explode with frustration when McCain wins in November.

    I agree the U.S. is not the fount of all good in the world but nor are they responsible for every thing bad that happens but you would never know it when you read ‘a prophet’ like this.

    How come I never read this kind of analysis about Canada from these types of writers? I would love to read something similar in tone about Canada.

  2. Actually the “Afrikaners with atomic weapons” soundbite refers to what Wright calls “Backwoods America”, a regressive portion of American society, not all of America as Potter implies. Nice taking it out of context, Andrew.

    I’d read Wright’s stuff over your dross any day of the week.

  3. If anyone is taking Wright’s soundbite out of context, it is D. Read the whole piece: Wright makes it clear that this “regressive portion” of America constitutes “roughly half the electorate”, as Wright claims. He then goes on to say that “a significant part of the United States still belongs to an archaic, aggressive, and colonial culture.” He draws up a list of indictments, including the fact that only one American in eight has a passport and five in ten believe in creationism.

    In short, Wright’s “Afrikaners with atomic weapons” remark is meant to encompass *at least* the slim majority of Americans who have consistently voted Republican over the past forty years, gusting to the 7/8ths of that populace of xenophobes who have no urge to travel outside America.

    Placed in the context of the entire piece, it is clear to any mildly intelligent reader that Wright is talking about America as a whole, and the infrequent references to “Enlightenment America” (as a contrast with “Backwoods America” are there merely to provide the sort of intellectual cover that will appeal to readers like D.

  4. What, no link? Who reads the dead tree press anymore?

  5. Read the piece. If the truth offends thee…..

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