After throat grabbing, Chef Nigella Lawson has "left the family home" -

After throat grabbing, Chef Nigella Lawson has “left the family home”

Husband Charles Saatchi describes incident as “a playful tiff”



Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, 53, has “left the family home with her children,” a spokesperson says, after photographs emerged showing an argument at a London restaurant during which her wealthy husband grabbed her throat four times. Concerned onlookers reported Lawson was “tearful” and looked “scared.”

Charles Saatchi, a 70-year-old art collector and co-founder of the famous Saatchi & Saatchi advertising agency, told to the Evening Standard (where he is a columnist) that the photos left a “far more drastic and violent impression” than what happened. He said Lawson took the children away to avoid paparazzi.

“About a week ago, we were sitting outside a restaurant having an intense debate about the children, and I held Nigella’s neck repeatedly while attempting to emphasise my point,” he said. He described it as, “a playful tiff,” and added, “Nigella’s tears were because we both hate arguing, not because she had been hurt.”

In 2007, Lawson called her husband, whom she married in 2003, “an exploder,” reports The Telegraph.

Lawson spoke to Maclean’s in February about her latest Italian recipe book Nigellissima.


After throat grabbing, Chef Nigella Lawson has “left the family home”

  1. Yes, we all talk with our hands when he want to make a point and grabbing someone around the throat must just be an extension of that. Hmmm….sure, we all believe that! I wonder how safe the kids at the family are.

  2. I saw the pictures – playful tiff my a$$. And she has already admitted that he is “an exploder”. I hope she gets away from him before he really hurts her.

  3. Saatchi: “…he described it as, “a playful tiff”

    With word skills like that, I wonder if Saatchi has considered a career in advertising?

  4. Yeah, that really looked like a “playful tiff”. She didn’t look as if she was leaving a play fight when she left the restaurant on her own, looking like she’s trying to stuff down the tears and grabbed a taxi. What a D-B that pathetic excuse for a man is and has probably always been. A total D-B. One photo can be manipulated into something it’s not, but the series of photos I saw, make what happened pretty clear. And a “caution” from the police is a typical COP-out to the rich and powerful. I don’t even think she should be allowed to decide whether to press charges or not; he should be charged. Full stop.
    If he’s a threat to her, he’s a threat to others. I’d be concerned for my kids right now, if I were her.

  5. Having lived and left a controlling abusive man i can relate to Nigella’s position. She and he can rationalize that the physical contact was not physically painful or meant to hurt her. But, it was meant to control and intimidate her. Even if he never touches her in anger again, his abuse will continue, just in other forms. She probably feels trapped and ashamed. My heart goes out to her.