AG: Recurrent flaws in Canada’s visa system

Security manuals used by visa officers date back to 1999


Citizenship and Immigration Canada has once again failed to address persistent shortcomings, the fall report of the auditor general noted. “I find it disturbing that fundamental weaknesses still exist,” Interim Auditor General John Wiersema told reporters at a news conference. The audit highlighted a number of problems including security manuals for visa officers dating back to 1999, and an equally outdated focus of the medical screening process on syphilis and tuberculosis. It means that CIC and the Canada Border Services Agency “don’t know if a visa was issued to someone who was in fact inadmissible,” Wiersema said.


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AG: Recurrent flaws in Canada’s visa system

  1. There’s no “recurrent flaws”, there are “deliberate mistakes”.  There are many people in the Canadian gov’t who want to keep unnecessary levels of mass immigration in place no matter how much it hurts the Canadian people. How many officials are beholden to foreign gov’ts to keep the immigration pipeline open?  Canadians should visit websites like immigrationwatchcanada.org or vdare.com to learn more about the detrimental impact of immigration on North American society.

    Why do so many politicians and union leaders keep supporting mass immigration when they know how much it’s hurting Canadian workers?  I’d like to know how many politicans and union leaders are on the take from the immigration lobby to look the other way on this issue.

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