Aid group coalition set to lose $1M in annual funding -

Aid group coalition set to lose $1M in annual funding

Humanitarian NGOs issue layoff notices in anticipation


Some $1 million in annual funding will not reach the Canadian Council for International Cooperation this year, a move the CCIC is saying is indicative of the government’s desire to silence critics in the international development community. The coalition of almost 90 NGOs who work both domestically and abroad to reduce global poverty has not heard back after submitting a funding proposal sent last October to the Canadian International Development Agency, whose three-year contract with the CCIC has just expired after a four-month extension. “I think the most distinctive sound in this case is silence and it is foreboding,” said Gerry Barr, president and CEO of the Council. “It doesn’t indicate that things are going well.” Federal money has accounted for roughly $1.6 million of the CCIC’s $2.4 million annual budget, which means the group faces major restructuring if funding runs dry.

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Aid group coalition set to lose $1M in annual funding

  1. What they don't say is that they are still getting $5B, which in my books is $5B too much. These NGO's are nothing but bureaucracies that promote human rights and sustainable development. How do they do it? By making a big noise. They actually don't do anything themselves. Their role is to promote public participation, hold governments to account, policy and program research, and advocacy…Oh, and middlemen for the funds that flow from the government to the aid recipients. This is a vast UN linked network that does absolutely nothing but collect money, talk policy, swan around the world on international junkets and rant that we should be doing more – meanwhile collecting very generous salaries from all the aid money collected. Our government really has to look at how big this "charity" has become and how they are disrupting democratically elected governments to promote a UN agenda.

  2. Where is your evidence they are getting 5 billion–this is ludicrous. Unbelievable that a fellow Canadian does not value human rights–talk about taking things for granted.

    • On their own website. Check out what these groups do. I value human rights as much as the next guy. I don't value do nothing bureaucrats.

  3. These groups are NOT NGO"s……

    A real Non-Goverment Organization…….wouldn't depend on Government (read: ours) money to survive.

    The majority of the funds these guys get is for their very own well-paid selves. Oh…and let's not forget the extensive travel, 5-star hotels, best meals…and accolades from other Lefties that are waiting to get their own piece of the government pie.

    STOP ALL FUNDING TO THESE GROUPS. If Canadians want to support something, let them dig into their own pockets to do it. End the blackmail.

  4. No funding should go to these special interest groups that only lobby government for more funding.

  5. Agreed.

    The vast majority of funds these useless groups receive are for their own salaries. Which explains why they insist on screaming that the sky is falling whenever they get the chance. No crisis…no paycheque.