Abortion issue a “political football” says senator

Aid groups protest Canada’s “stand against abortion” in foreign aid


On Monday, international development advocates got together to protest Canada’s stand against abortion in foreign aid. Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth told them, “We’ve got five weeks or whatever left until G-8 starts. Shut the f— up on this issue,” or risk Prime Minister Stephen Harper taking even stronger measures, the Toronto Star reports. She went on to tell aid experts that if they “push it, there will be more backlash,” saying, “This is now a political football. This is not about women’s health in this country.” While her remarks were intended as friendly advice, the 80 aid representatives responded with surprise or rage. “We do want people to feel a little nervous about where our institutions are going because our development effectiveness is actually being undermined,” said Joanna Kerr, chief executive of Action Aid International. “We are increasingly distancing ourselves from an urgent agenda … to advance the rights of women and girls worldwide.”

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Abortion issue a “political football” says senator

  1. A minority parliament, and the Conservatives have the nerve to basically say "do as we say or else." The Conservatives are becoming more and more like the Liberals every day.

  2. I have been telling my American friends and family that Canada is in actuality, far less tolerant, and has a far more opaque, unresponsive and close to totalitarian government that does not reflect the popular will and values of Canadians – from environmental issues to world economic-political standing…than anybody here wants to or has the courage to admit or acknowledge. The few bits that are processed through the press – were once alarming [a few short years ago]…and now , sadly, it is in line with a well-established pattern of bullying by the Power-elites of us all. I am truly afraid, that we all just 'go along' and it will be too late to restore our democratic process in the near future. The so-called 'alternate' parties are only too happy to allow the present government to do this dirty work..we really do not have an alternate vision – or power structure in this country. Get ready – for a very harsh and punitive – New World – harsh and punitive towards what we believe are ordinary law-abiding 'nice' Canadian citizens.

  3. More crying from a liberal. I personally approve of our government's stances so far and am happy to see it.

    What I am not happy to see, however, is the constant liberal whining of it not being democratic and threatening to take their ball and go home. Honestly, I'd rather see them a bit more open-minded. If they cannot be, I might just decide to be happy about it, since it is enjoyable seeing liberals squirm.

    As it stands, I still hold my hand out to liberals and will be unhappy until they recognize our government for what it is: conservative. It's one thing to "disagree" with the actions, it's another to always go off and say wah wah they are taking away our rights and crap like that.

    Cue the Macleans thumsdowners.

    • More crying from a liberal…

      … whines a conservative without a trace of irony.

  4. Excuse me Harper and Nancy – this is our country – and not Harper's or Nancy whoever. This minority party does not represent the majority of Canadians and has no business to threatening anyone with our Tax monies. As for the Harper Dictatorhip committee, Canadians are not going to stand by as you force us to watch you take full control of the country, ruin our democracy and set up your dictator. Harper is emerging as a western verion of Stalin.

  5. These "aid" groups, populated by people who live off the taxes of other people while the "do good" are leeches. They deserve no funding, no attention and no respect. They are political, not charitable, only interested in promoting a socialist political agenda throughout the world. Almost none of them have ever started a business, created a job or independently succeeded in anything. After living off their parents and student grants they get "jobs" in quangos or other tax supported organizations.

  6. "Harper is emerging as a western verion (sic) of Stalin. "

    Godwin's Law squared.

  7. RobinBC, right on , Man!! Talk about gall! The liberal claque, spouting socialist platitudes, composed of grifters, parasites and hand wringers, whining about a foreign relations policy that isn't theirs to make or influence. As a Conservative/conservative, I support the PM's policy with regard to off-shore abortion financing. In fact, it pisses me off to have my taxes support abortions at home for people who shirk their personal responsibilities and expect others to pay for their stupidity. I'm not responsibile for their stupidity.

  8. Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth NEEDS TO WASH HER MOUTH WITH LISTERINE OR WHATEVER. It is absolutely shocking to hear such profanity from a senator!! One resorts to profanity, especially in politics, when one has nothing of value to contribute in a discussion. Discourse is an important part of debate, introduction of profanity is an indication that you do not have a fruitful argument to back up your claim. It is no different than bullying.

  9. Conservatives – Really ? – Read your history and wake up Ryan. This government stole the name "Conservative" from the real conservatives when Mulroney killed the true Conservative Party. They renamed the right wing Christian fanatic party from The Canadian Alliance to the "Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance" after the CCRAP fiasco. They are not conservative, they do not represent conservative thinking or governing, they are led by a power seeking control freak who is slowly removing our democratic rights. At a time when the country desperatley needs better understanding of new Canadians, Harper, along with his Alliance buddies ( are the worst leaders we can have in place at this time. Former Reform members dominate the new "Conservative" party, and the Reform caucus in the Commons essentially became the Alliance . This party, whatever you call it, is still very much an extremist, intolerant, racist, homophobic, and sexist bunch of old boys.

  10. Way to go Nancy : this is what we really need more people to call it like it is! – I am so tired of the poltical correctness and self righteous hypocrisy of the current left wing nuts and cowed under MP's of late – This is why I liked Trudeau – give em the finger and if they don't like it fuddle duddle the lot of em. ROFL – this is so much fun – this is why I love the Senate as you can say whatever you like and no repurcussions – if you don't like it out there then support Harper so we can have elected ones then you can throw em out otherwise redfine hypocrisy

    • absolutely

  11. Their level of stupidity does spur the avaerage Canadian to try and help. Your level though, is a waste of time for all.

  12. It is NOT about profanity Shirish, and that is the least cncern – it is what she said that reflects this party's extremism, sexism, bigotry and absolute lack of tolerence.

  13. No 2 Dic,
    Senator Ruth is a lesbian, a feminist and pro choice.
    And she is Conservative, a gal I really like.

    • She is amazing and we need her. This is what the Senate should be all about.

  14. How do you decide who is a 'liberal'? In fact …I [clg] have always been a conservative/Conservative – but sadly see this great tradition has been hijacked by a souless gang of chameleons. There is no viable political party with vision – or integriy – that i can comprehend, in Canada now.

  15. Every time you simplify to conservatives Vs. Liberal, you are missing the point. Everything in life cannot be reduced to RIGHT Vs. LEFT. There is such a thing as CENTER. It allows you to choose THE RIGHT THING from either side. So grow up and stop simlifying every statement, position or whatever into either or(neat compartments, if you will). I don't know about you but that is what a well informed, balanced and I might add educated individual will do.

  16. Why do some of you believe that having a desire to spare the lives of unborn children is *racist, bigotry * and Stalin-ish? You may liken Harper to Stalin, but Stalin killed millions and millions of his own people?? Our moral standards are inside out and upside down today. This all sounds like the ranting of the insane to me.


  18. Just out of curiosity was Nancy Ruth the one who suggested to Harper to change the national anthem a few months back?

  19. Yeah, but don't worry Val. Once one gains the set of principles that includes viewing the beginning of life as worthy of protecting, it's set in stone I would say. Some liberals (many here, obviously) are still capable of finding it at some point in their life.

  20. S.T.F.U.! Gee, any chance we could get Ms. Ruth to share this advice with our lame-duck mayor in the Big Smoke, re his "Transit City" spiel on the subway system?

  21. I think it's the PERFECT reply! It's exactly what we should say to the tens of thousands of teenagers (and children!) that are raped in the Congo every year! Especially if they get pregnant and wan't to terminate their pregnacy…even if it means risking their lives to do so! STFU! That'll show 'em!

  22. Profanity has no place in our government and the Prime Minister should act immediately just like he should have acted when his Minister's husband was caught with cocaine. The Senator should resign or be removed from office. This is condoning her words also Minister Guergis was in the same position at the airport.

  23. This issue has been a cornerstone of the Harper agenda and has been from the get go. Thankfully we have the Charter to protect Canadian women although I believe he would happily enshrine fetal rights in our constitution if given the chance. If he can't control us, he's happy to force himself on the women of the world. He is a masogynist. Can't wait to vote!!

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