Aide to Christian Paradis steps down -

Aide to Christian Paradis steps down

Sebastien Togneri accused of meddling with information requests


Sebastien Togneri, an aide to Conservative cabinet minister Christian Paradis, has resigned over a probe into his meddling in at least four different access to information requests. Togneri’s resignation comes after a report by The Canadian Press that outlined a series of incidents while he worked as an adviser to then Public Works Minister Christian Paradis. Togneri continued to work for Paradis after the minister moved to Natural Resources early in 2010, and told a Commons committee that he had only interfered in the release of information a single time. But new documents obtained by The Canadian Press show Togneri tried to alter the release of at least three other packages of information, some of which dealt with sensitive subjects like the U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2009 visit to Canada.

Winnipeg Free Press

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Aide to Christian Paradis steps down

  1. He committed an offense and confessed to it – Law and Order conservatives should throw him in jail.

    • He only confessed to it under duress, and he's a slippery lying toad. No, they won't throw him in jail; they'll place him somewhere out of sight. He's exactly what they want.

  2. Thankfully for Mr. Paradis, ministerial accountability only applies to Parliamentary committee meeting obfuscation.

  3. If you had have read the Press COnference that Soudas held it is the most despicable and hypocritical double talk that only the PMO can come up. Another aide given the axe because he was following Ministerial directives formed by the PMO. Scorch and burn, and destroy anybody that gets in our way or have others take the fall for our anti-democractic ways. What treasonous bastards are these that occupy the PMO?