Air Canada braces for strike by flight attendants

Employees reject the airline’s latest contract offer


Air Canada flight attendants could walk off the job as early as Thursday after negotiations with the carrier broke down over the weekend. Two-thirds of employees voted on Sunday to reject Air Canada’s latest contract offer. It was the second time workers failed to support the deal that had been negotiated by the Canadian Union of Public Employees, having already done so in August. The workers and Air Canada seemingly remain far apart on issues such as wages, pensions, crew rest, working conditions and work rules. Federal Labour Minister Lisa Raitt has already indicated the government would force striking employees back to work in the event of a strike.

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Air Canada braces for strike by flight attendants

  1. If we’re going to have a nanny state anyway, I’d at least prefer one that tries to take care of the citizens, rather than the corporations.

  2. Mass suicide. Unions are on their way out. The sooner the better.

    • Yeah, I for one can’t wait until we can get back to sweat-shops and child labour. 16 hour work days, no holidays, no sick-days, and not having to pay more than it took to put gruel in the worker’s mouth — ah.. those were the days..

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