Air Canada forced to reinstate retired pilots -

Air Canada forced to reinstate retired pilots

Human Rights Tribunal finds mandatory retirement discriminatory, but refuses to set precedent


Two Air Canada pilots, aged 65 and 67, who were forced to retire from the airline in 2005 and 2003, are about to go back to work thanks to a ruling from the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The pilots will be given full seniority, and be compensated for lost wages, plus interest, and minus received pension money. However, the tribunal made clear that this ruling only applies in these cases, and is not a precedent meant to throw out all mandatory retirement provisions at the airline. CARP, the retiree advocacy group, supports the decision, but says it is still lobbying the government to repeal parts of the Canadian Human Rights Act in order to prevent mandatory retirement.

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Air Canada forced to reinstate retired pilots

  1. Great. Just what i want. A 67 year old pilot flying me on an airplane. Book me on another one, please!!!!!!

  2. Thank heavens! Another little bit of progress. The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal sometimes get it right.

  3. so wait…a human rights tribunal can push aside Supreme Court of a Canada rulings as well as the unions and their voter decisions just because two people don't agree with what their union and the rest of their coworkers voted on?

    What is the point of voting then? What is the point of being in a union if you take them to court as soon as something the entire co-workers vote on suddenly applies to you and you don't like it.