Al Jazeera English now airs in Canada -

Al Jazeera English now airs in Canada

Will tackle Canadian issues like the oil sands, climate change, and Afghanistan


Al Jazeera English, the 24-hour Middle East-based broadcast news service, now has a digital channel home in Canada with Bell TV, Rogers and Vidéotron. The network, which was founded four years ago in Doha, Qatar, gained approval from the Canadian federal regulator in November. Tony Burman, former editor in chief of CBC News, is the current managing director of Al Jazeera English. “I believe that our cutting-edge reporting and programming will fill an important void by bringing another voice in international news to this important market,” he said. The network plans to open a Toronto bureau in June in order to begin its coverage of Canadian news.

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Al Jazeera English now airs in Canada

  1. When the discussion of Al Jazeera entering Canada first started a lot of people were worried it would be some sort of neo-lefty-anti-Israel invasion. I just found out a couple of my journalist friends will be working there and I don't think you conservatives need to worry. These are some conservative folks. Interested to see what the network produces for Canadian content.

  2. John D
    Google use quite a lot of comment from Al Jazeera.
    I personally watch news on BBCWN as well as CNN and reading news on Yahoo!.
    I find that any channel with only 3 million subscribers that feels the need to tell us it is fair and balanced needs competition. So America's News channel as Fox news chooses to call itself more of a joke than a serious reporting.
    That said Fox is more dangerous than Al Jazeera in North America, the rednecks are here and armed to the teeth fed on bile by Fox and the Tea baggers.

    • Have another drink of kool-aid pal.

  3. ….Uh Huh!….another smug and Judgemental Liberal!

  4. ….Oh!, another medium that wants to "Disguss" things like the Oilsands! Tell you what, lets just listen to these schlocs and shut it down! Then we will see how "Right" they really are!

  5. AJE is internationally recognized as a source of tough, objective news and reporting. An interesting fact about AJE, despite some objections and concerns heard from some Canadian Jewish groups regarding the network's integrity in reporting on the Israel / Palestine situation, is that Israel has replaced BBC World with AJE on satellite provider YES TV, saying that AJE is "less biased" than the BBC.

  6. Finally it's a good news.
    Canadians wii be able to watch the insight of the media, wide range of global coverage of all aspects from news to culture, interviews etc. they do not watch on other channels.
    Cogratulations Al Jazeera.

  7. i have bell tv, but i don’t get Al J….why?