Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski accepts defeat -

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski accepts defeat

Palin-backed Tea Party candidate wins Republican nomination


Sarah Palin’s last minute “robo-calls” to Republicans are believed to have contributed to the narrow win by Tea Party candidate Joe Miller over Senator Lisa Murkowski in an Alaska primary. With most absentee ballots now counted, Miller is ahead by 1,668 votes. As a result, Murkowski has conceded. The eight-year veteran of the senate was deemed too liberal by Sarah Palin in an automated message endorsing Miller shortly before last week’s vote. Although Senator John McCain easily beat out a far-right challenger in Arizona last Tuesday, seven incumbents have now lost the right run in mid-term elections this fall, suggesting a strong contingent of far-right Tea Party candidates.

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Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski accepts defeat

  1. Perhaps voters are just sick and tired of glad-handing, double-speaking, politically correct politicians and are willing to vote for "straight talking", "kick-ass", "anti-establishment" candidates regardless of how ludicrous some of the things they propose really are.

    Witness the Tea Party and Rob Ford. Both (it seems to me) with a "big" and "simple" message for voters (cut government, cut costs.) I mean…who really can argue with that? How many people say "yeah…we need more government intervention and higher taxes! Once you drill down into the details of how they would accomplish this…things get a little fuzzy and/or outrageous…but they succeed in delivering clear concepts and rage at the current establishment, which is what resonates so strongly with voters.

    Palin herself reminds me of Reagan. Not (IMO) the brightest guy to ever become President, but people loved to vote for him because he got a simple message across.

    • "but people loved to vote for him because he got a simple message across".

      Simple-minded is more like it. When Mummy (what he called his wife) wasn't telling him, he relied on 3×5 'recipe' cards. Never mind that it was his deregulation, starting with the Air Traffic Controllers, and his unbelievabl irresponsible economic policies that set the stage for where the States is today.

      As far as Bible Spice, the Bimbo Broad whose brain suffers from word salad, if this is the best that the US can do, then they are over as a serious, sane country and will morph into a rather large country priding itself in ignorance.

  2. The Tea party, Beck and Caribou Barbie are possibly the worst things to happen to the U.S. and rank up there with G W Bush.
    They are destroying the greatest nation on earth.

    • Actually, they are on the path towards restoring it back to where the ideals of it's forefathers had led it. It is time for freedom to reign supreme again in America.

      • its doesn't take an apostrophe in this case, only when a contraction for "it is". You see, this is the problem with a limited education. And, just what, precisely, were the actual 'ideals" of the American forefathers? 'freedom to reign supreme' – Lol – get a grip.

    • I was right with you until the greatest nation on Earth part…''Canada '' is the greatest nation on earth, and the U.S. is a close second.

  3. Well.. it is Alaska after all. Attracts the rednecks and 'tough men' – think the Yukon.

    Not overflowing with a lot of introspective brain power. The Compleat Gunville.