Alberta gov’t accused of paying hush money to hide wait list problems

MLA suggests cover up of lung cancer deaths


Physician and rebel independent MLA Raj Sherman accused the Alberta government of contributing to the death of 250 lung-cancer patients by covering up the lack of hospital resources. “It has been brought to my attention that due to fierce competition for finite operating time between surgeons, about 1,200 Albertans were on a wait list for lung surgery [and] 250 died waiting on that list,” he told the Alberta legislature. He continued by saying that physicians who raised the issue were paid millions by Capital Health Region between 2003 an 2006 to keep quiet and/or leave the province. Sherman alleges a separate book was kept of the payouts. He did not disclose the source of the information. Health Minister Gene Zwozdesky said he doesn’t know if the allegations are correct, but he plans to investigate. The speaker reminded the legislature that MLAs must provide proof to back up any allegations they make. Sherman was kicked out of the Progressive Conservative caucus in November for criticizing his over party over emergency room wait times.

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Alberta gov’t accused of paying hush money to hide wait list problems

  1. Not saying I beleive the accusations one way or the other.

    However, living in Alberta for the past decade, I can tell you that even with concrete evidence of a scandal of this magnitude, the Cons would still win a landslide majority in the next Provincial election.

    Seriously, these guys are bulletproof here in Canada's Texas.

    • You must pay better attention to the polls. The Wildrose Party will likely win the next election. If by some miracle, the Tories do win, it won't be by any landslide. They would probably form a minority govt.

      • Your right. I should. Been out of the country for a couple years.

        Thrilled to see the right winger vote being split up though.

  2. As an injured Iron worker who fell 5 years ago, shattering my vertebrae and part of it collapsing into my spinal canal, I can tell you that I 100% believe that there is a list in Alberta. If you are not on that list, then guess what? You are going to be a goner! The WCB Alberta refuse to even buy me a bed, or pay for any of my multiple pain prescriptions, some of the adding up to over a thousand dollars a month. Every single medical expense for my care is directly DOWNLOADED straight on to the taxpayer. I know that the WCB has medical advisers in the RAH hospital were I was operated on. I am permanently disabled and the doctor who operated on me refuses to see me again! The Workers Compensation Board of Alberta has had 3 different doctors write felonious reports on my condition to deny me Medical Treatment. The last doctor is a woman who has been suspended in 3 different jurisdictions, yet the College of Physicians here in Alberta not only gave her a license, but I filed complaints against two of the Doctors. The College of Physicians assured me that they would do a complete investigation. It took 3 months and the Alberta College of Physicians returned a report saying that they had "Phoned the Doctor" in question, and there was NO evidence of any wrongdoing, so the matter was dismissed without any further investigation. This is only the tip of the ICEBERG. This is not just a corruption of the Health Care system, this corruption is systemic throughout the Alberta Government. I took my plight to my MLA Tony Vandermeer, his office told me to forget about it and "MOVE ON WITH MY LIFE!". Vandermeer was one of the very first backstabbing MLA's to take a shot at Raj Sherman when he turned rogue on the PC Government. Vandermeer said in a radio interview that Raj could have been more 'Manly" by bringing his concerns to caucus. HE DID. Caucus did nothing. All this super corruption started with Ralph the Drunk, when he was Premier. The ugly outhouse smell of corruption is starting to ooze out of the house of liars, shills and corrupt Tory cronies. This is only the beginning. I feel bad for Raj. These crooked cowboys are dangerous.

  3. The corruption in the Province of Alberta runs much deeper than this though; it includes the Police Departments like the EPS and the RCMP who refuse to accept any complaint against the Workers Compensation Board at any detachment including the RCMP K-Division. How can the citizens of this province ever have any chance of stopping this rampant corruption when it goes right to the top of the Justice Department. The taxpayers of Alberta have ZERO chance of ever crawling out from under the monstrous weight of the giant Elephant in this Room [AB PC Party Corruption], when the corruption in the Province of Alberta has insidiously oozed it's way into each and every single ministry in this government of Crooks and Corporate Cronies in the last 2 Decades. I have investigated and fought this corruption for 5 years now, and quite simply put, I am burned out from fighting these corrupt bastards. The only way there will be even 1 ounce of change in this province is if the voters give these cronies the boot, the whole gang. If a truly legitimate opposition Government is not elected, all the Crooked goings on of this Corporate Puppet Government will never be exposed. And as such nothing, and I mean nothing will ever change in this backwater crooked crony town of MLA's dependant on Oil & Gas Welfare handouts. Corporations wield all power in this province. The PC MLA's are simply puppet seat warmers in the legislature of Alberta.

    • The 1st Oath an RCMP Officer takes is to the Queen!
      not the People, or Country.

  4. Conservatives? You wish…Alberta has gone Republican. The ruling party needs to be dumpede, and not in favour of the even more ludicrously corporate friendly Wild Rose Alliance. You Alabamabertans may not like the Liberals, but I bet you even a Liberal minority would smarten the corporate-cons up. You been lying down too long for this bunch of corporate sell-outs…maybe call David Orchard up and bring back some semblence of prairie populism.

  5. Now you left out a few details regarding the history of Raj Sherman and the Conservative Party. Dr. Sherman as the deputy minister of health and an emergency room physician, confronted his own party in the legislature about their failure to address the "catastrophic collapse" of the emergency rooms in the two major cities in the province. They then kicked him out of caucas and contacted his licensing body and suggested he might not be mentally competent to practice medicine. Mr. Sherman left the government and is sitting as an independent.

    • Now according to The Edmonton Journal, Dr. Sherman will provide the proof of the payouts when the physicians/whistle-blowers are given assurances they won't be prosecuted or fired.

  6. This is what shot guns are for…..

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