Alberta health officials sound alarm over syphilis outbreak -

Alberta health officials sound alarm over syphilis outbreak

Infection has been gaining momentum for a decade: report


Syphilis is spreading fast in Alberta, and the number of reported cases have risen exponentially over the last decade. According to a report by the Alberta Health and Wellness, reported cases of the sexually transmitted infection have risen from two in 1999 to 267 in 2009. “We have a problem,” reads the first headline of the document, titled The Syphilis Outbreak in Alberta. “Alberta continues to experience a sustained outbreak of syphilis which shows no signs of abating,” the report says. The bacterial infection is transmitted through intimate sexual contact, and can be easily treated if detected in its early stages. It frequently has no symptoms, though, and if left untreated, can spread to the brain, heart, blood vessels and bones, and can eventually be fatal. Dr. Martin Lavoie, Alberta’s deputy chief medical officer of health, believes the spread of the infection is partially caused by a growing complacency about safe sex, particularly as people have come to view HIV as a treatable condition rather than a deadly infection.

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Alberta health officials sound alarm over syphilis outbreak

  1. If only we had some way of being safe when having anonymous bathroom sex, enjoying the services of prostitutes, or hooking up for the night.

    • That is real stupid!!! The only safe sex is no sex. Even condoms fail.

  2. Well, this is what you get when Harper stops using a condom and believes in the healing powers of his God.

    • You remind me of some people in the middle east, blaming the jews for everything even constipation. It's difficult to get respect with that kind of attitude. Now we know who you blame when you run out of under wear or when you peed on it.

  3. Jolly Saint Jim; Merry Christmas to you too!

  4. Is there anything that people do not blame on the Prime Minister???? The truth of the matter is that young people are not educated enough in the importance of using condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. They were not around in the 80's when the rest of us were exposed to the fears of HIV and aids. Parents need to talk to their children.

    • These sexual diseases are preventable, but no one mentions that… it's as though there is a taboo on ever mentioning that abstaining is fool-proof. Doubtless condoms are better than nothing, but someone who is promiscuous can not be counted on to be conscientious about protecting another's health.

      And don't say that abstenence is impossible. It isn't. Society for some reason has lately stated that as a truism… abstenence used to be the norm.

      Sexual health is assured by faithfulness to one spouse.

      • … and the spouse's faithfulness to you!!

      • If abstinence was ever the norm, we wouldn't be here.

        • Did you purposely misread what I said… "Sexual health is assured by faithfulness to one spouse (we're talking sex here) and that spouse's faithfulness to you".

          • Hey, I wasn't the one who wrote "abstinence used to be the norm"

          • OK, I should have said, "abstinence outside of marriage used to be the norm". You know what I meant.

          • Unfortunately, I didn't. You see, my mind-reading skills are poor at the best of times, and attempting to do so through my internet connection makes it even harder. Had you started with the bit about marriage, it may have been more obvious that that was your topic. You didn't. It wasn't. It appeared as if your general topic was abstinence in general.

            But thanks for the clarification, that makes it much more understandable. Although I don't think it makes it any more correct. Go through some historical documentation. There's no shortage of illegitimate children noted in census reports and even church documents.

            Oh sure, we might like to think that people were all pure and innocent in times gone by, but the truth is, they were just us with less technology. Every wonderful, horrible, perverse, saintly, generous, stingy, wise, and foolish thing we do.. they did too — including thinking that the people and times before they came along were better.

    • You are right and which province has done the most to ensure that sex education is easy to opt out of.
      It doesn't take a genius to realise that ignorance leads to error.
      Alberta increased the ease with which parents could shield their kids from important information to protect their health recently. The parents don't want their kids getting the info at school, but won't face reality at home.
      Sorry but stats have always come down on the side of greater information not ignorance.

    • Speakng of condoms I wish Harper's father had used one regularly.

  5. If Syphilis is left untreated, It can affect your ''brain ! '' Might be a good time for a check up there Jimbo ……

  6. Oh my, gofer or whatever, once again a liberal nut job who blames everything wrong with the world on mean ole' Principal Harper. For the love of God boy, grow up, move out of your mom's basement, get a job and take responsibility for your own decisions. Cheers.

  7. I doubt you can blame the liberals for this one.
    After all liberals approve of condom use. Tends to stop stds.
    It's the fundagelicals that insist on abstinence, oh and which province has a right wing, xtian fundy leaning?
    Yup it's do as I say not as I do yet again, abstinence is good in theory, but even a heavily xtian province shows it doesn't work in reality.
    Ah.. that's the issue, religion isn't based in reality either.

  8. Considering there are cases in the single digit hundreds in the province I suspect it is difficult to conclude that offering an "opt out" from school based sex ed can be blamed for an increase. More data is probably needed on specific cases. There are many people from other provinces who have traveled to Alberta for jobs. Is it possible a transient workforce creates an environment more open to an increase? More data is required. Regardless, abstinence is the only guarantee.

    • Well, death is the only guarantee you won't get cancer. Most people opt for something a little less severe though.

      Fortunately, there is such a thing in condom use.

  9. Say what you want; STD's and HIV are only a problem for stupid people. And gays. And promiscuous liberals.

    I appear to be the only one smart enough to see the triple redundancy in that one it appears.

    • STD'S and HIV Are only a problem for stupid people …..Do you really believe the in the stuff your writing ? or are you just trying to get attention…Either way maybe you should seek help, as they said Syphilis can go undetecded and can actually effect you brain….Just sayin…………….

      • he is just writing for the sake of righting. but he is consistent, can't deny that. monotonous, though! :-/

  10. The actual statistics, posted by reader, shows the percentage of posters on here and most likely the percentage of illiterates in Canada, to stupid to check the real facts. The BAA-BAA canadian. Alberta, in fact, being the only Province that had a drop! Is Eastern Canada stooping even lower now, in spreading more false rumours against the most successful Province in Canada. And a refuge for the thousands of English, driven out of New Brunswick because of its forced Neanderthal law!

  11. My my my, how angry these liberals get. Truth 'offends' them. Maybe truth should be made a 'hate crime'?

    Sorry fellas, but I remain correct! We know how these diseases work, we know how they are spread, and for 99.9% of the victims – consential unprotected sex was the vector. Darwin, Murphy and liberal morons are old enemies.

    • But consensual unprotected sex is not the exclusive behaviour of liberals. That seems to be a blind spot for you.

  12. Subtract aboriginals from the stats and they're much less 'shocking'(the stats, not the aboriginals…)….

    let's throw millions of dollars at 'social programs', that fixes everything….

    just kidding! that fixes nothing, but it's what governments do….

  13. Two hundred sixty seven infected with syphilis in Alberta in 2009. It must be the end of the world.

    There are ten times that number of infected in Los Angeles County. You have a small problem folks. Put your minds to it, and you will have it cleaned up in no time.