Alberta Mounties recovering from gunshot wounds


Two RCMP officers who were shot in a gunfight near Killam, Alta, on Tuesday have undergone surgery and are currently listed in stable condition. Police surrounded the home where the shootout took place on Tuesday night and were maintaining their vigil into Wednesday morning, the Edmonton Journal reports. The two wounded officers had entered the home looking for a handgun. A third man was killed in the raid.

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Alberta Mounties recovering from gunshot wounds

  1. I want to thank the police for the job they do, and I think it can be thank-less sometimes, So thank you for doing the right thing at the right time, thank you for knowing that not all gun owners are bad, thank you for being patient with us when we do dumb things, thank you for knowing you would not be needed as much but for the crooks out there making life miserable for the rest of us.
    You sometimes put your life on the line for us, for a belief that you are making a difference. I for one think you are making a difference, so Thank You!

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