Alberta politician charged with paying for prostitutes won't resign seat -

Alberta politician charged with paying for prostitutes won’t resign seat


FORT MCMURRAY, Alta. – An Alberta politician charged in Minnesota with paying for prostitutes says he will not resign as a member of the legislature.

Mike Allen, elected in 2012 for the governing Progressive Conservatives, was arrested last week in a prostitution sting while on a government trip in St. Paul.

Allen, 51, said Monday that he needs to explore whether he can rebuild the trust of constituents before he decides whether to stay on as a member of the legislature.

“I will be saying sorry to a lot of people for a long time. I have already faced my parents, my children and many of my friends, and now it is my responsibility to face my community,” he said at a news conference in his constituency office.

“I will be taking time to reflect on the personal circumstances in my life that led me to make the decision I made, and I will determine what I need to do to ensure I am never in a place personally where I will make this kind of mistake ever again.”

Right now Allen continues to sit as the member for Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo as an Independent.

He stepped down from the Tory caucus last Tuesday, the morning after his arrest. He also paid back the $2,000 expense tab for the trip.

A court document alleges that Allen phoned a number listed on an online ad and took a limo to a motel, where he met with an undercover female cop.

He allegedly agreed to pay $200 for sex with two women, put the U.S. cash on a counter and began to undress before other officers came into the room and placed him under arrest.

“What I can tell you is that this has not been a pattern of behaviour in the past, and clearly, it will not be in the future,” said Allen.

“Personal accountability means facing my responsibilities as a father, a son, a friends, a community member and as the MLA for this community … Fort McMurray is my home, I love this community and I won’t decline to face it in a moment of personal crisis.”‘

Allen said it’s important for him to speak with people in his home town before he makes a decision on his political future.

“I will not short circuit that conversation by stepping aside immediately, as less difficult a route as that might be for me personally.”


Alberta politician charged with paying for prostitutes won’t resign seat

  1. Yeah, paying for prostitutes in Minnesota is a problem. I guess if he’d done so in a Toronto massage parlour it would be a different story.

    • Conservatives lie, it’s what they do,
      They lie to me, they lie to you,
      They’ll find a beat cop with a grudge,
      to drag Jack’s name through the sludge.

      • Who mentioned “Jack”?

        Fox smells his own hole first. . .

        And aren’t the NDP & Justin looking to legalize prostitution in Canada?

        • No, Justin is not looking to legalize prostitution and I am not sure it is the NDP position either. Libbly Davis supports it but that doesn’t mean it’s the position of the party.

  2. I personally don’t think this kind of so-called crime matters very much, but most companies would fire someone for getting arrested while traveling on business.

    • Umm, I was on the road for 16 years.
      Nobody in theta time got fired for “fooling around” outside of business hours.

      People who travel for their companies, who would get arrested for a crime like this one- wouldn’t really spend a lot of time in the slammer. They usually make allowances for people who have jobs.

    • Any crime matters. It’s something he could have been blackmailed over. To be elected to represent the people carries with it a responsibility to be beyond reproach.