Alberta researchers re-grow brain cells in rats -

Alberta researchers re-grow brain cells in rats

Important step could lead to Alzheimer’s treatment


Researchers in Alberta have successfully re-grown dead brain cells in rats. It’s hoped the research may eventually help Alzheimer’s patients regain their ability to remember. The researchers killed off brain cells associated with memory and then used neural stem cells to re-grow them. After six weeks of memory exercises, the mice who had re-grown brain cells did as well on memory tests as the control groups. The researchers then counted the cells to confirm the re-growth. Dr. Robert Sutherland, the 50-something researcher who led the project at the University of Lethbridge, told the Calgary Herald he expects the research will be applied to humans before he retires. The project built on research from the University of Calgary, where neural stem cells in mammals were first discovered in the 1990s.

Calgary Herald

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Alberta researchers re-grow brain cells in rats

  1. "Re-grown dead brain cells in rats??" What, like enlarging zombies? (No, they grew new replacement cells.) Minus-five summarizing points, but interesting news.

  2. So many people need this right now! Keep up the good work!

  3. Alberta rats? Was one of them SH?

  4. In fact there is a Canadian company that I know of that has already done this and in fact presented their results at a conference in 2009, therefore this Alberta group was in fact not the first. The Winnipeg company sanomune was recently acquired by another local company, diamedica.

    • Good work! Hope some day very soon that testing will be done on humans. We need a cure for this disease immediately.