Alberta Tories in free fall -

Alberta Tories in free fall

Poll suggests Stelmach is contaminating Tory brand


Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach will appear on television Wednesday night to outline exactly how his Progressive Conservative government will deal with the province’s ballooning deficit and an unwieldy healthcare revamp. It better be good. According to a telephone poll conducted by Calgary consulting firm Return on Insight, Tory support is down to 30 per cent, a hefty drop from the 54 per cent approval rating they enjoyed not long after Stelmach captured the leadership race in late 2006. Worse, almost six out of 10 respondents disapprove of how the premier has steered Alberta over the past year, with a similar number adding that their opinion of the party has diminished over the same period. Numbers like that suggest Stelmach’s unpopularity is seeping into the bones of the venerable PC party, which has been in power since 1971. There’s more, too: the poll also shows the Wildrose Alliance Party nipping at the Conservatives’ heels with 22 per cent support, even though the upstart party has yet to elect a leader and boasts only one MLA.

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Alberta Tories in free fall

  1. I know I am going to get flak for this but Albertans have been (and still are) blessed relying on a commodities (oil and gas) that was in high demand and commanding premium prices. I will not comment if the government in the past got such a good deal with the royalties but what royalties were collected was used to subsidize the rest of the economy of Alberta. Now that the cheap oil is gone (that means only the costly oil sands that effectively pays a low royalty and natural gas in a funk), the government and its citizens have got two basic choices Cut wayyyy back on the government expenses or tax the other parts of the economy just like the other provinces. The free lunch is gone for how.

  2. best darn headlines one has ever seen in a forty years!! go w r a

  3. not that my inclinations are of any party pc, lib, wra, or any other wannabe party….luv my independence

  4. Ah the reliance on the oil and gas sector is really starting to show isn’t it? There is no federal party to blame in Alberta this time. Cuts to education and advanced education are really starting to show as $300 million in cuts will eliminate technology, up class sizes and reduce the amount of available teachers. Our economy depends on the education of Alberta’s youth…something that this government has never understood.

  5. Good. Stelmach is conservative in name only. He needs to go, and if the party won't boot him then they need to go.

  6. Good. Stelmach is conservative in name only. He needs to go, and if the party won't boot him then they need to go too.