Alcohol is more harmful than heroin, study says -

Alcohol is more harmful than heroin, study says

Tobacco and cocaine are equally harmful; ecstasy among least damaging


According to a new study published in the prestigious medical journal the Lancet, alcohol is more harmful than heroin or crack, while tobacco and cocaine are equally harmful and LSD and ecstacy are among the least problematic, the BBC reports. The report ranks 20 drugs on 16 measures of harm that mark how they impact users, and society at large. Heroin, crack and crystal meth were found to be the most harmful to individuals, but alcohol, heroin and crack cocaine were the worst for society. When scores were added together, alcohol came out the worst. Alcohol is not as addictive as crack cocaine, co-author David Nutt said, but it’s so widely used that it is a big problem.

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Alcohol is more harmful than heroin, study says

  1. What do they want, a ban on beer now? I don't think these guys ever went to University.

  2. So what would happen if you would scale up, in scenario, the use of heroin or some other narcotic, to the same level of use as alcohol? Wouldn't you see the same or higher levels of soceital harm?

    If crack cocaine is rated as worse for the individual, wouldn't it become a total disaster for soceity if it's use was to become wide spread?

  3. I find the tobacco industry rediculous and the people who support it pathetic

    end of story