Alex Jones sounds off on Piers Morgan Tonight

Hot air and a heated argument on CNN


Alex Jones sounds off on Piers Morgan Tonight

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Americans are passionate about their second amendment—the right to bear arms—so when CNN’s Piers Morgan came out saying he’s in favour of banning military-style assault weapons, radio host Alex Jones started a petition to the White House to deport Piers Morgan.” With more than 100,000 signatures on the petition, Jones was the feature interview on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday. It was a made-for-TV event, in which some called Jones “passionate,” though more called his on-air tirade “crazy.” Whatever you call it, Twitter was full of opinions.
Total loon Alex Jones on Piers Morgan right now. Great TV for all the wrong reasons.Mike Cormack
"You’re a very loud man. You are making a lot of noise." – Piers Morgan to Alex Jones #lmaoIsabel
Bravo #AlexJones:Punching out CNN Presstitute Piers Morgan. Check it outGerald Celente
I’m going to have to watch this Piers Morgan interview when I get home, aren’t I?Justin Ling
Here is part 1. Skip to 6:28 for the introduction of Alex Jones.
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight – Second Amendment Debate – 1/7/13 – Part 1arsonomics
Alex Jones is now speaking in a fake British accent to mock Piers Morgan. This is the best thing to ever appear on television.allisonkilkenny
" …because there’s criminals I don’t lose my rights @piersmorgan " -Alex Jonesknow your enemy
Alex Jones is destroying Piers Morgan right now. This is amazing.Anderson Quinn
And it didn’t stop after the commercial break.
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight – Second Amendment Debate – 1/7/13 – Part 2arsonomics
1) Didn’t know who Alex Jones was until I watched this. 2) Didn’t know someone could say so much with so little substance. @JIMrichards1010Gareth Wheeler
You guys going out on a limb here, but I think Alex Jones might be a wee bit nuts?Abbie
Alex Jones often makes good points, but his method of doing so completely kills message. This argument can be won rationally & respectfully.Jeff O’Toole
@piersmorgan Interview with Alex Jones so clearly depicted why there will never be a logical, reasonable discussion about gun deaths in USA.Sandy
@piersmorgan once again, pure class Piers. Not sure how you put up with morons like Alex Jones. You the man.Stuart Ringer
I just want to know: who’s really running Alex Jones? Surely you don’t buy that “nutbar conspiracy theorist” act #falseflag #bilderberg #etcAndrew Coyne
Just heard Alex Jones’s voice for the first time. It’s like listening to a revolutionary Cookie MonsterJosh S.
The only thing Alex Jones was missing in his insane TV rampage was Ultimate Warrior facepaint and tassels.Corey Pierce
Damn if @PiersTonight had just let Alex Jones ramble for 10 mins more, I’m pretty sure he would’ve explained the finale of LOST. #cnnDan Speerin
Alex Jones has every right to be passionate about our constitutional rights. I mean, why aren’t you? Your ancestors died for it.S W E R V E ✌
I wish more people had the passion of alex jones, we’d be a better countryBrad Yanalunas
Seriously, I actually agree with Alex Jones about guns but overall the guy is a clown. He cant be taken seriously at all.Bigdaddy
Alex Jones is not the hero the gun lobby wants or deserves.explanoit
I’m just going to suggest we deport Piers Morgan and take Alex Jones’ guns away. #diplomacyRob Gillin
As for Piers Morgan and the petition to have him deported, he addressed that at the end of his show.
Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight – Second Amendment Debate – 1/7/13 – Part 6arsonomics

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Alex Jones sounds off on Piers Morgan Tonight

  1. For all you people who call Alex Jones nuts, I challenge you to listen to his show and Google some of his “crazy claims” and you will find government documents, UN documents and mainstream news articles which back his claims. He is the most “Real” person in the media, hands down. I can’t believe CNN establishment media had him on. So for all those people that think Morgan is bang on….. take your shots, drink your fluoride water, hand in your guns and play your video games. Don’t worry about anything we live in a utopia and the government will protect you.

    • They won’t because it challenges their reality.

      They are cowards, plain and simple.

      • The “Real” issue, which Alex Jones is of course avoiding and refusing to really answer on is automatic guns. Yes yes yes guns don’t kill people, people kill people…but a person with a semi automatic can kill a whole lot more people within minutes or seconds than a person that with a firearm that does not have that capacity. Too bad it will take one of your own family members to be killed in this fashion, and the way the US is going it will happen to a lot of you. No one is asking to take away all your guns, but really you need to have a semi automatic to defend yourself? How many people do you expect to defend yourself from?!?!

        • You are being MISLEAD.. Sandy Hook was a Hoax. These are lies being told to you so that they can kill your freedoms and rights. You need a serious wake up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcpFTNA80ss

        • I wasn’t commenting on the video or gun control. Just the general psychosis that every ‘conspiracy theory’ should be laughed off and not given critical thought. I’m not against gun-control but won’t write the guy off all together either.

    • Damn straight Goatsy.

      I’m appalled by how the Corporate Media is controlling popular opinion and making most people ignorant to the extreme danger that exists. We are deeply mislead by the Andrew Coynes and Peter Mansbridges. Mansbridge himself is a Bilderberg attendee. If people don’t wake up soon they will have NO RIGHTS left and the corporate govt. just might decide to conduct massive exterminations to reduce the population.

      Think I’m crazy?

      Look at how they lie to you at every given chance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcpFTNA80ss

  2. Hi Piers

    I found your interview with Alex Jones most interesting. Alex is clearly a passionate man who loves his country and one who is appalled at the creeping modern pacifisme which he sees is destroying the character, strength, romance also much more of the America he and others love so much. Go beyond the passion, his anger, which arrises mainly from your belittling style of debate likely in this case to challenge even a saint. Acknowledge he is right in one thing that it is people who use rocks, knives, sticks, iron bars, guns, pens, weblogs, the internet and TV programs (see yourself) to try to kill what others believe in.

    Previously I had enjoyed your debates, so I was fascinated to see how Alex Jones simply using his passion totally blew your ability to argue and debate right out of the window. I also saw your weakest line of argument I have ever seen. Furthermore, atempting to debase Alex after he was no longer in the studio, is in my view, the most cowardly thing I have seen you do.

    I feel your apparent weak line of argument is based on the fact you are an Englishman and that you have had a level of success in the USA. Therefore, your audacity to dare to tell the American people how to fix their problems when you know so little about how core Americans think and feel about anything, is nothing less than crass arragance, ignorance also bad behaviour. AS an Englishman you are an ambassador in the USA, such bad behaviour on your part does not please me.To date you have run a mainly successful program and to day you have in my view seriously overstepped the line and lost all authority. I fear that unless you find a way to back out of this argument this will prove to be a black day for Piers Morgan. If you want to save your skin and your contract if not your US work permit, I suggest you apologise to the American people publically, particularly as an Englishman, you realise you have been inappropriate in commenting in such a way, and have clearly overstepped your welcome in America

    Robert Denton

    • You blethering halfwit.

      • Wow that’s an intelligent argument. Very impressive

        • You are as big an idiot as as Jones is. Go back to where you came from, not France or Scotland who founded Canada

          • I don’t even know what that means……. Do have anything intelligent to post?

          • Yes, two University degrees, and know a lunitic when I see one. I also own two $1M companies. But you have just the same right to your opinion as I do, without any education. Cheers.

          • Good to know. Congrats I’m super impressed! Sounds like small man syndrome to me. I’m educated but don’t need to brag our flaunt my salary. hahaha too funny. It says a lot about who you are. I really did laugh out loud. Thanks for that Daddy Warbucks

          • You probably are a smart man, but it’s “or” not “our” in your text :-). Good luck with your guns, and I hope you live in Ontario.

          • good one

          • Two $1M companies?!?! AHAHAHAH. WHOOOOOPY!!! You know those are a dime-a-dozen right? You could still have a $35k salary! You have a right to brag once that “M” becomes a “B” (although you’ll still be small and pathetic for doing so).

          • Jonathan, good name, and I wish you luck in your carreer, from a small and pathetic Westener. But don’t leave your guns behind! Big Brother is after you. Cheers.

          • This comment was deleted.

          • I’m impressed by your inteligence. Now does your beard go bellow your belt? And I guess your scared to use your real name. Have a good night Itjust. Cheers.

          • Two university degrees, two $ 1M companies, and you can’t properly spell ‘LUNATIC’. The irony. Too busy with your approved textbooks, and career to listen to what Jones is actually saying as well. University education means absolutely NOTHING when it comes to analyzing historical, and geopolitical situations. From your perspective if it’s not on the news, or in your textbooks it’s not true, and anyone who is outside of that peripheral is a lunatic. In most cases higher education means you buy into the system, and the status-quo even more. Another word is indoctrination.

          • Sorry for my spelling mistake, wasn’t my major at U of M

          • That’s absolutely shameful. Can’t you see what’s going on in Post 9/11 USA? The Shadow Govt is taking over. If you want to be a fool and believe the corporate media (which they own) then go ahead. Just don’t attack others for actually having the intelligence to stand up to all the lies. The biggest patriots are those who question the most. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcpFTNA80ss

  3. You gotta do crazy things to get peoples attention, he’s a very smart man.

      • nope not him lol

  4. This comment was deleted.

    • Are you a supporter of left wing or right wing politics?

      If so you are also a ‘wingnut’, probably a left-wingnut.

      People that use these little snippets of words thinking they are so great, for the most part just throw them around without even knowing full well what they mean.

  5. As I have seen stated more and more and more.and I agree…the US is just the new Middle East. Let them all walk around with semi automatics as they wish, less terrorists to deal with when they kill each other off.

  6. What Alex Jones did was make the term Democide go viral. Google it like
    he said. Track it but most of all spread the word about with the
    weblinks below. It is our best argument against gun control by far.


    This is the largest database of Democide death/murder by government on
    the net after disarmament.262,000,000 million slaughtered by their own
    governments.6 times more murdered by their own governments than those
    killed in ALL THE WARS IN THE LAST CENTURY COMBINED. Think about for a
    minute. Are you going to turn in any weapon if they are banned? Anyone
    that says “Oh but that could never happen here, this is the USA” is
    historically unaware.
    Democide is the best argument against any kind of restrictions or gun bans of any kind in my opinion.

    • Gotta love how every mainstream outlet is avoiding that stay when calling Jones a nutter

  7. As a former soldier, I agree that members of the public do not need fully automatic assault weapons with 100 round drum magazines. However, it does not matter how many “gun free zones” you create, what sort of weapons you ban or restrict, or what sort of licensing you put in place. The criminals and the crazies will always get their hands on guns – and use them against innocent people. The Sandy Hook massacre only serves to illustrate the kind of horror that happens when an armed lunatic goes crazy in a location where everyone else is defenceless.

    Piers Morgan as usual, completely misses the point.

  8. Until this moment I never much cared for guns. Listening to Jones has convinced me that I desperately need one. Thanks Jones. If it wasn’t for the likes of you I’d never have thought that sanity prevailed when bullets did the talking.

  9. Thanks Macleans for a neutral reporting of this…the Tweets were entertaining and illuminating; Andrew Coyne’s @acoyne ‘s in particular reminded me precisely why I cancelled my Macleans subscription. He’s well spoken, but shallow and uninformed, and scared of the truth.

    • Who is Andrew Coyne?


  10. HELLO Did you people witness the joking that took place the next day about having Pierce show up in the boxing ring, with an Ar-15 and “popping” Alex, as Buzz Bissinger and the Huffington Post’s Abby Huntsman laugh, she says “yeah I’d like to see that, and in uniform” , and Pierce replies “I’ll borrow my brother’s uniform”… THIS IS SICK PEOPLE! THAT IS THE PROBLEM. way beyond Alex’s unnaceptable behaviour, we have sick demented freaks like Pierce, Buzz and Abby making light, and joking about MURDER on national TV, primetime, and NOBODY CARES. SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK thats not a joke. thats not funny, and it is exactly the kind of mentality we do not need. Psychopaths trigger on stuff like that. Shame on these folks, like seriously.

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