Alex P. Keaton’s mom is gay -

Alex P. Keaton’s mom is gay

Meredith Baxter comes out at age 62


Meredith Baxter, the actress best known for her role as the liberal matriarch Elyse Keaton on the hit ’80s TV show Family Ties, has come out as a lesbian. In an interview with The Advocate, the 62-year-old Baxter, who has been married three times and has been public about her alcoholism and dealing with breast cancer, says her first gay experience 13 years ago was a “revelation.” She reports her five grown children were accepting of her sexual orientation when she told them several years ago, though telling them “was absolute f–king agony for me, only in the respect that I was so fearful,” she says. She never denied her gayness, she says but was “circumspect” in her behaviour. What prompted her going public was the National Enquirer’s publication of photographs of her and her partner on a cruise. Reaction has been heartening, she says: “The message I get is that I’m America’s mom. And because research seems to show that people who have someone who is gay in their family—or a friend or just know someone in the community who is gay—they seem to have a more open attitude about gay and lesbian issues.”

The Advocate

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Alex P. Keaton’s mom is gay

  1. So much for Alex P. Keaton as lunatic-fringe prophet

  2. Meh, that wouldn't have been so shocking a development to happen to her character on Family Ties either.

  3. Must be a slow news day?

    • I think Macleans has realized the writing on the wall, and is gradually turning into a gossip rag to stay viable.

      • the CBC as well…I almost lost it yesterday when this was one of the top stories on CBC Newsnet happening now section…we now have 24/7 smut jounalism in Canada.

        Anyone see the front page of the Ottawa Citizen today? Front page Tiger story…I thought our PM was in China which you would think would get a front page shout out.

        I'm sickened by journalism today.

  4. The traditional family of dad, mom and kids is the backbone of society not lesbian family's. Perhaps Meredith in ten years from now won't be so fond of her lesbian girlfriend. Check the website concerning sexuality and family's.