Alexandre Bilodeau wins gold -

Alexandre Bilodeau wins gold

Canada’s streak of Winter Games without a gold medal is over


Just like that, Canada’s gold-less streak at the Winter Games is over. Alexandre Bilodeau took first place in the men’s moguls competition, finishing ahead of Australian Dale Begg-Smith, who’d been in first place going into the final run. Bilodeau, the 2009 World Cup champion, won the gold with a score of 26.75, while Begg-Smith took the silver and American Bryon Wilson claimed the bronze medal.


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Alexandre Bilodeau wins gold

  1. GO CANADA GO!!!!


  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations Canada!!!!

  5. Wooooooo Hooooooo! So happy for you Alexandre!

  6. A classy gold medallist, too. He's a Quebecker who repeatedly referenced Canada in his comments about winning, and who had tears standing in his eyes when he talked about the support of his family and most particularly his brother, who suffers from cerebral palsy.
    This is a fine young man to have go down in Canadian history as our first gold medallist on Canadian soil. Always nice to see an underdog come out on top! Great job, Monsieur Bilodeau!

  7. I was so proud to be Canadian when I watched the interview with Alex and his brother, Fredric, before the gold medal win. My heart was with both of them during Alex's run. This medal is so satisfying!
    Thank you Alex. Go Canada Go! We believe!

  8. As a long time Canadian born in Holland I just want to say how proud I am to be a Canadian in this country of cultures so varied that in the end we all just mesh and it works….and now on Valentines Day our Alexander Bilodeau has given us the GOLD. The double reward here is that he is also such a wonderful being and an inspiration to us all. Also a high 5 to brother Fredric for inspiring his brother to attain his goals. GO CANADA GO merci merci merci

    • Ellis
      Are you a person who says that you prefer american system?

  9. What a great Valentine's Day Present from Alexandre. Vive Canada. We love you Alex.!!!

  10. Congratulations, M. Bilodeau! Magnificently done.

  11. Bravo and merci mille fois!

    You exhibit the essence of Canadian spirit. – Happy to win but not boastful and happy to share the glory with all those who were part of your journey.

    • Agreed. this young man is a real class act…youve made your momma proud!!! whooo- hoooo!!!!

  12. Now there is someone who will inspire kids for generations. I know in my house my oldest (8 year old daughter) has been re-energized about her ski lessons and wants to take up freestyle skiing next year up in Whistler. You can virtually experience the Olympic mogul run at Cypress on