All Afghan detainees were tortured -

All Afghan detainees were tortured

Canadian diplomat posted to Afghanistan claims he sent repeated warnings to Ottawa about the mishandling of prisoners


A Canadian diplomat told a Commons committee on Wednesday that every single detainee transferred by Canadian soldiers to Afghan authorities between 2006 and 2007 was beaten and tortured using electric shocks. As if that weren’t enough, Richard Colvin, who served as the political officer at the Canadian-run provincial reconstruction base in Afghanistan, says many of those detainess had committed no crime. Colvin told special committee on Afghanistan he repeatedly warned officials in the Foreign Affairs and Defence departments of the mistreatment of prisoners, but that warns went unheeded. In fact, Colvin says he was told not to write about prisoners in his reports and that military officials ignored similar warnings from the Red Cross.


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All Afghan detainees were tortured

  1. Not feeling a lot of pride here.

  2. Funny, I'm still feeling a lot of pride.How does he know that these detainees committed no crime.I have no sympathy for these degenerates.You will never win a war against these thugs by being sissy's.

    • Turning over innocent folks to get beat up on by the Afghan Secret Service makes you feel proud Michael?

    • We don't have an eye for an eye legal system, and that includes treatment of prisoners. Even for those who did commit crimes, we don't have the right to commit ones against them – especially not if this is in fact a war which would make them prisoners of war.

    • Let me guess, you think Dick Cheney is a great guy?

  3. Michael, might it be you found no job and just took shelter in the army?