All Canadians are not counted equally -

All Canadians are not counted equally


Two white Canadians refused to fill out their 2006 census form, in protest over the fact that the company crunching the numbers — Lockheed Martin — also does military contracting.

Meanwhile, 35 000 natives also refused to fill out the census, presumably because they couldn’t be arsed.

Guess which ones are being hauled into court by the feds? Here’s what the officials in charge had to say:

Asked why Ms. Findley and Mr. Stelmach were being charged while a large number of natives were not, Mr. Morrison explained that a small number of reserves refused to allow Statistics Canada access to their communities.

“The bottom line is that you can’t prosecute a community when you don’t have access to that community,” he said.


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All Canadians are not counted equally

  1. A few small communities – like Six Nations with about 20,000 members.

  2. Maybe if the officials at Stats Canada stopped thinking of people as communities and started to think of them as individuals than we wouldn’t have multiple tiers of justice. You can’t prosecute a community but you can prosecute 35,000 people.

  3. You don’t see any relevant legal difference between the two? Have you read our constitution?

  4. It does a “community” no good to be continuously portrayed as both beyond the laws everyone else follows AND totally dependent on the handouts from everyone else’s taxes.
    Would that someone, anyone, from inside that “community” shout that from a rooftop somewhere.

  5. Hmmm. White folks stand on political principle. Natives “can’t be arsed.”

    Unless of course the reserves who “refused to allow Statistics Canada access to their communities” had a political motive.

    Guess which group Andrew made presumptions about?

  6. Good points all around so far I think, but I think the thing that real;ly needs to be looked at is not the motivation for not wanting to tke the census, but rather the response to not taking it. Regardless of the motivation for refusing to fil the census out, everyone should be treated equally. In this case, those who would not allow government officials to hand the census out ought to be prosecuted and the other individuals within those communities should be given ample time to fill out the census, or not and deal with the consequences either way.